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The amount of protein that you need on a regular basis depends on your body weight, age and gender. These above mentioned figures are mere estimates and if you indulge in increased physical activity, you may require more protein.
Today, protein supplements are available and quite popular, especially with teenagers who wish to build muscle. Protein Shakes: Most protein shakes today are consumed by teenagers who wish to lose weight or gain muscle. Protein Shakes Can Stunt the Growth: Protein shakes are actually extremely high in calories, therefore, teenagers should be careful about the way they plan out their diet if they want to indulge in these meal replacement drinks. Ultra Meal for Teenagers: Most teenagers who indulge in strenuous physical activities are given the advice to drink protein shakes.
Many teenage girls also depend on protein shakes for the purpose of getting rid of extra fat.
Select the Right Combination: The good news is that not only are protein shakes available quite easily but one can also choose from different textures and flavors.
Get Complete Knowledge Regarding Ingredients: When you are looking to purchase protein shakes, make sure that you are aware of the ingredients in the drink.

In conclusion, even though protein shakes are beneficial and teenagers tend to get tempted into buying them, they should also remember the risks and warning associated with protein shakes. These include problems related to the kidney, dehydration and an unhealthy, increased level of calcium in the body.
Normally, the average teenager consumes the right amount of protein with the help of a well balanced diet. However, on an average, a majority of teenagers should not consume more than 50 grams of protein on a daily basis. They should not make the mistake of replacing meals with these shakes as this can prove to be quite risky with respect to their overall health. The fact is that teenagers do not require protein shakes as it may stunt their development. They should remember that while replacing one meal a day with such drinks is healthy, they should not go overboard.
The body requires protein for the purpose of building muscles, repairing muscles, fight infections etc.
While protein is definitely required for the purpose of building muscle, the fact is that this protein can be consumed by eating a good home cooked meal.

If one is looking to lose weight, protein shakes can be consumed between meals to keep hunger at bay and therefore to eliminate unnecessary snacking. Instead, formulating a healthy diet which consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is recommended. A number of protein shakes are available today that contain a healthy balance of protein, vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates. However, if it is absolutely necessary, you should consult a doctor before drinking such drinks as you could be allergic to some ingredients.
While some shakes combine proteins and vitamins, others combine proteins and carbohydrates.

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