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It Works Supplements reviews run rampant all over the internet, but here, on this blog, you can find my personal reviews from ACTUALLY using the products! I take almost all of the supplements regularly, and have dropped my baby-weight, gotten healthier, have more energy, and have more FUN! I ran into the store to get some Benadryl because I got stung by a wasp and was swelling up.
The review is very helpful, it contains a lot of information about the product, styled text, high-quality photos. I love all of the products (especially the BODY WRAPS and the DEFINING GEL!), but these handful of supplements help me to be healthy, happy, and have helped me to get to my desired body!

This is on of very few products a mother who is pregnant, or nursing can use with no worries of it hurting her unborn or nursing child. I still had plenty of pills left over so when I started to feel some cold symptoms coming on, I decided I would try taking the Benadryl to ease the symptoms.
I had a scratchy throat, and a runny nose and was having a hard time breathing because of it. I hate trying to sleep with a runny nose so I took the Benadryl Allergy Pill right before bed and I slept soundly, was able to breath easily, and woke up feeling great. Now, every time I start to get any cold symptoms I take Benadryl and those symptoms significantly subside.

It does not cure my cold or stop the onset, but it does help me get a better night's rest so that I can recover from my colds faster.

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