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Several men that I know consume protein shakes almost daily to try to bulk up as quick as they can. A new Consumer Reports study  is showing that over-consuming some of these protein shakes can be dangerous and may cause health problems over time.
CBS News took the matter into its own hands and took a hidden camera to nutrition stores in New York City, asking about these supposedly “safe” drinks.
Looks like we have a real problem on our hands, especially since teens are getting their hands on protein shakes. Also, the July issue of Consumer Reports will include an investigation report, which found some protein drinks could actually be toxic if you take too much. Or you can actually just each foods rich in protein, like chicken breast, milk and scrambled eggs. Our mission at Discount Protein Supplements is to provide you with the best selection of quality sports nutrition and health supplements, along with the information required to aid you with your fitness and health goals. With our years of experience in the sports supplements industry and our significant buying power allows us to pass on huge savings off the high street's prices as well as providing professional help and advice on supplements which is best suited for your needs. International Protein Shaker Bottle 400ml with stainless steel mixer ball is the perfect size for those on the go. Order online NOW with Fire Up Supplements 100% secure website for Australia's cheapest discount wholesale supplement prices, exceptional service and speedy nation wide delivery. Protein powder also makes for a very convenient source of protein in times of need because all the prep work it requires is a bit of water and a shaker cup. It's also important to keep in mind however that not all protein sources are created equally.
A whey isolate protein powder will be a great choice for this and is typically mixed with some form of carbohydrate (dextrose or maltodextrin) to provide the glucose the muscles need. If you're planning to use the protein powder as a meal throughout the day, then you want to go with a casein protein powder since it will take longer to digest and provide the body with a slow release of amino acids. The second question to consider when you're wondering how to choose the best protein powder is what you plan to mix the protein with.
There are so many different flavors of protein powder around that you want to make sure you're choosing a flavor that will lend well to your primary liquid mixer. Some protein powders also tend to mix a lot better with water compared with milk, so be sure to read some of the reviews for various protein powders before making your purchase.
With so many great tasting protein powders available, there's no reason to ever put yourself through this torture. That's okay though because there are many quality protein powders available at a range of price points. In many cases, a straight whey protein will be slightly cheaper than an isolate or casein variety, so that may be one thing to consider. Also, in some cases a particular protein powder brand may have additional ingredients added to it (creatine, vitamin complexes, glutamine, and so on) which increases the price.
These varieties will usually contain between 90 and 110 calories and provide somewhere between 22 and 26 grams of protein per scoop.
When you're really trying to get to your absolute leanest, every calorie counts so it will make a difference. If, on the other hand, you're gearing your efforts in the gym towards building muscle, you may want to consider a protein powder that has a bit more of a calorie punch to it.

Sometimes during the day weight gainer shakes are referred to as meal replacement shakes, so if you're searching for this variety, be aware it can be called this as well. Being sure you have a quality source of protein powder on hand at all times is a smart move if you want to begin making positive changes to your body and fitness level. Finally, you're also going to want to consider whether you have any special needs with your diet. Likewise, if you're someone who deals with lactose problems, you may not be able to handle whey protein either, so egg protein will be the best bet for you. Males may also choose to avoid a soy-based protein powder on a regular basis as there is still much controversy about the impacts of soy on the male system.
Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. These work-out-aholics drink the shakes to boost for their fitness performance, and I don’t think they have ever considered the fact that they could be bad for you.
We need to start explaining to kids that there are so many other ways to get protein and that these risky drinks are not the best way to do it. Large enough so you can still mix your favourite pre workout or bodybuilding protein drink, yet small enough it can fit in your hand bag or brief case when at work. Large enough so you can still mix your favourite protein drink yet small enough it can fit in your hand bag or brief case when at work. Protein powder is the perfect protein source for immediately before and after a workout since it's rapidly digested by the body so the amino acids can get to the muscle tissues quickly. Protein powders will differ in their composition and the primary benefits they have to offer, so becoming aware of these differences will enable you to choose the best one for your situation.
If you're looking for a protein powder for immediately after a workout, you want something that is as rapidly digestible as possible.
These proteins will also help to keep hunger levels under control so you'll be less likely to eat between meals. Are you going to have it with juice, water, milk, or do you plan to use it in recipes as you prepare your foods? If you have to plug your nose and slam it back each day, you may just find yourself opting completely away from it over time. While it won't be as timing specific, getting protein itself is most important so that has to be a top priority.
This enables you to get the protein you need for fat loss without adding additional calories from carbs or fat to your daily intake.
If you're using it as a during the day shake, selecting one that has some dietary fat to it will be fine - even beneficial. For example, if you're a vegetarian, a whey protein powder may not be an option since it is a form of dairy. One scoop every now and then should be fine, but if you're taking it twice a day or more, you could see some negative implications. Protein shakes are consumed by a multitude of individuals every year, from teens to body builders, and they might not be as safe as we once thought. If you take fitness seriously, it’s easy to think that your best buddy needs lots of whey protein as well.Ask yourself why you want a muscular physique for your pooch.
Or are you looking for a powder to use halfway through the day when you're pressed for time and don't have a food snack on hand?

Some salespeople actually went so far as to say that taking more than the recommended doses wouldn’t hurt. While protein should be a big part of their meals, it’s best not to provide it unconventionally. Dogs will easily get their daily requirements from a quality canine chow.You can get carried away and overload on protein, which may negatively affect the body. Your dog’s digestive system is much smaller in size and they may respond poorly to such supplementation. We recommend a sport performance dog food for what you may be trying to achieve.Protein in Dog FoodUnfortunately, many brands contain corn or some wheat-based ingredient listed as the primary content.
This is just filler, not protein, and can lead to your dog not having as much energy as they should. This, however, doesn’t mean you should provide a human-formulated protein supplement for them. Instead, just carefully select their dog food.Whey Protein is InappropriateWhey protein, much like tofu, just isn’t recommended for canines.
It’s devoid of the kind of protein that actually matters for them to thrive.And so, giving your pet dog some of your whey protein shake is not a good idea.
While you may have good intentions, and while they will lap it up due to its sweet flavor, it’s not what they need to get through the day. Nor it is practical for you to provide for any sustained period of time.As funny as it sounds, dogs don’t lift weights. They just need to be active!Canine Treats Work WellThere are excellent dog treats that contain mostly meat protein. This way you can give them a treat after they’ve been running around, or after they’ve gone for a walk with you.Such a strategy can be a positive reinforcement to routine exercise, and will also help them keep a nice shiny coat. Do this instead of providing any human-formulated protein products.When to See a VetIf you’ve been thinking of supplementing your dog’s protein levels as a way to get them back on track as far as their health goes, please reconsider.
Getting a professional opinion on what’s best for your dog, and how you can treat them best health-wise, is often money well spent.The veterinarian may also recommend switching dog food brands, or having them get more exercise or fresh air. It’s very unlikely they’d recommend any kind of whey protein supplement.Conclusion on Extra ProteinWhile dogs certainly require protein, but it should come from foods that naturally contain it. If you are a person that’s into fitness, and you drink protein shakes regularly, don’t expect your pooch to live the same lifestyle. That said, you can definitely have a fit dog and even incorporate your best buddy into your cardio workouts.Was this Article Helpful?YES   NOAdd Your Own Answer to the Question Can I Give My Dog Extra Protein?
It explains through extensive studies why whey has this powerful effect to protect from and fight cancer.Reply Elon December, 2014Thank you. Very informative.Reply Mart March, 2015I was wondering how your dog did on the whey protein?

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