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Developed with love by Conte Digital Free cash on delivery on orders above Rs.600 in Karachi. In order to achieve functional muscle mass you need a combination or carbohydrates and protein.
For a relatively cheap and inexpensive option I would recommend GoNutrition Whey 80 which comes in an excellent range of flavours at a great price.
A good whey 80 will provide you with a decent hit of protein with some carbs and a little bit of fat to give you all the nutrients you require for building lean muscle mass.If however you are looking to reduce your body fat percentage then you may wish to consider a whey isolate powder which is very similar to to whey 80, but has a higher protein content (90%) which cuts down on the extra carbs and fats in a traditional whey.

Personally I like this option more than a whey 80 as it helps me manage my calories a little better and you can always add some extra carbs if you feel they are required.Alternatively you could look at a diet whey powder although as rugby players we should probably be steering well clear of anything that says diet. However, if like me you can’t be arsed messing around with a bath then a ZMA supplement is the ideal option. Whilst you could look at a mass gainer I would recommend looking instead at an option like fine oats to add to your shakes to give you a clean source of carbohydrates and up your calorie intake.
Any difficulty you body has absorbing thiamine will show up as a high concentrations of thiamin in your urine. During a neurological exam, doctors look for signs of lack of coordination, walking difficulty, droopy eyelids, and impaired reflexes. We cover everything from amateur clubs to the biggest internationals, no game is too small as far as we are concerned.

Monitoring your progress is usually done with follow-up blood tests that show how well your body is absorbing the vitamin. Your doctor may also put you on a specific diet of thiamine-enriched foods, including whole grains, eggs, meats, beets, nuts, seeds, and tomato or orange juice. Foods such as milled rice, shrimp and raw meat, make it harder for your body to absorb Vitamin B-1 and might need to be limited.

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