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In gyms across the globe seri­ous body­builders and week­end war­riors alike are striv­ing to build and main­tain lean mus­cle. SSN’s Cyto­Guard is an advanced for­mu­la­tion which has been molded upon the lat­est advance­ments in the sci­ence of per­for­mance nutri­tion. SSN’s Cyto­Guard rep­re­sents the lat­est in cut­ting edge nutri­tional mus­cle sup­port tech­nol­ogy!
Most everyone who is involved in some aspect of fitness realizes the importance of protein in post-workout supplementation.
Why has artificial, chemically created “food” taken the place of real, whole food in our diets?
The fact that whey protein is a by-product of dairy processes is not what is inherently wrong with this type of protein supplement. Enter: protein supplements that come straight from high-quality sources of protein that contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners.
If it is whey protein you desire, and you still prefer a flavored protein powder,A NOW Sports makes an all-natural whey protein powder that is sweetened with stevia extract, a low-calorie, natural sweetener. As you can see, protein supplements vary greatly not only in flavor and source, but also in their degrees of health-consciousness.
I love this topic of discussion, it really amazes me how so many people are so conscious of what they put in their mouthes in respect to real food yet have no idea what they are putting in their bodies as far as protein supplements are concerned…it really boggles my mind. To each their own, and sucralose may be within the level of risk a person may be willing to accept. What is wrong (providing you are not lacto intolerant) with beating two eggs in 1 pint of whole milk? If times is hard then I have used skimmed milk powder mixed with water and a little real milk. True, but protein powders do offer a taste and convenience that people may love as opposed to eggs or powdered milk. I also try to buy only naturally sweetened supplements and as free of artificial additives as possible.
Whey Protein is the foundation for athletes who are trying to build more lean muscle or shed fat from their bodies. As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 6 to 10 ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. It has been molded upon the latest advancements in the science of performance nutrition to help rejuvenate your stressed muscles while simultaneously increasing overall lean body mass and strength. But what many of these aspir­ing physique con­scious indi­vid­u­als for­get is the need to pro­tect their hard-earned mus­cle from over­train­ing while putting them­selves in a posi­tion to grow from work­out to workout.

When used as directed in con­junc­tion with an appro­pri­ate train­ing pro­gram, the research proven ingre­di­ents in Cyto­Guard help reju­ve­nate stressed mus­cles while simul­ta­ne­ously increas­ing over­all lean body mass and strength. It has glu­t­a­mine and argi­nine to enhance pro­tein syn­the­sis, improve blood flow through the pro­duc­tion of nitric oxide, and sup­port a healthy immune sys­tem.
Get the latest scientific updates, breaking sports science secrets, behind the scenes information, new video and podcasts releases. You know, one you feel like you could take for the rest of your life and not worry about any adverse side-effects? Because whey is a by-product of dairy, it contains proteins that may upset the digestive systems of those with known intolerance to lactose, and milk products. Unfortunately, the American public has demanded a protein powder that contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving, is low-carb and low in sugar and fat, while tasting just like that milkshake you had at McDonald’s last week. Why consume artificial flavors, soy-based emulsifiers (lecithin), modified “food” (modified food starch), and artificial sweeteners (sucralose)?A There is a better way!! Wouldn’t you rather this, or something like it be your source of high-quality, muscle-building protein after a workout?
Do yourself a favor and consider choosing a protein powder that will really do your body some good.
Emily turned me on to the healthier proteins, and while I know they are necessary, I feel the wallet getting lighter too. Will most definitely be switching over to an all natural protien supplement after reading this as well as BCAA’S and glutamine in the raw as opposed to the artificially sweetened ones I have been taking. Sucralose (splenda) may be just fine, but it may not be fine…I know in my nutrition classes in college my professor showed me a study that mice were getting cancer from sucralose when taken in large doses. The only really bad thing I could find in my research at the time was that it caused an increase in sugar cravings in some people.
Also, if you are looking to add protein to some of your favorite recipes an all natural flavorless protein powder is great. Increasing protein in your diet can help maintain lean muscle tissue and force the body to burn fat for energy. Increasing protein in your diet can also help you to feel less hungry by lowering levels of appetite-stimulating hormones.
In addi­tion, this pro­tein sup­ple­ment pow­der has HMB and BCAA’s to min­i­mize pro­tein break­down and increase total strength and lean body mass.
Many protein powders available today are being touted for their nutrition labels showing high protein, low-carb, low-sugar or sugar-free nutritional facts.
To achieve the unspeakable, producers have turned to chemically created additives to enhance a natural source of protein.

Mix it up with a little fruit juice for sweetness or make it into a fruit smoothie and you can’t go wrong.
The protein you choose should not only help your performance but it should also be healthy.
It sounds like the all natural ON whey is great for you due to you tolerance for dairy, but for sure I would stay away from these other options if you have problems with legumes and grains.
The one thing I do notice is that it contains slightly less protein per serving and is much lower in calories than the typical protein powders on the market. The professor then comforted everyone by saying you would have to take large doses everyday for a long time for it to be harmful.
There is no need to spend mega bucks on a search for the perfect protein, neither in my opinion is it necessary to purchase scientifically produced protein drinks, when the animals out there are producing it au natural! The body will always use the simplest form of energy available and while it can break down protein for energy, it is much easier for it to use stored fat instead.
On top of this, it has an “insulin poten­ti­at­ing” matrix com­prised of Vanadyl Sul­phate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Picol­i­nate, which syn­er­gis­ti­cally acts to sup­port insulin func­tion and thereby fur­ther encour­age rapid nutri­ent and sub­strate deliv­ery to your mus­cles and last but not least, the anti-oxidants — vit­a­mins C and E, which play a vital role in scav­eng­ing exer­cise induced free rad­i­cals and in so doing help min­imise mus­cle tis­sue dam­age, reduce post-training mus­cle sore­ness and speed recovery.
It is up to us as consumers to realize the negative effects of putting these artificial sources of protein into our systems. Luckily, most of that research has been done for you and has been compiled in this informative post. However, whey protein is easily accessible, and cheap and therefore makes up a large percentage of protein supplements today.
While whey may not be the BEST source of protein, the real issue is with the artificial flavors and sweeteners present in most whey protein powders today.
Instead of buying flavored protein powder, let nature do the work for you and reward your body after a job well-done. However, you may find the side effects a little less due to the sprouted nature of the grain. I like that it doesn’t contain any known allergens and is all-natural, and sweetener free. I kind of wish I could have a chicken breast after a hard workout, but when I actually think about eating a hot seasoned chicken breast right after a hard workout…ehh I may stick to the protein supplement lol. I am not aware of the texture or how it would mix with other shakes and drinks, however, so I can’t recommend it yet, but I would love to try it out.

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