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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately three quarters of total U.S.
Most Americans are aware of the challenges facing the country’s health care system: escalating costs, denied tests and treatments, fragmented care, less time available for a patient-physician relationship, medical errors and inefficiencies, and the new health insurance marketplace.
However, important cultural, technological, and demographic trends are increasingly putting more control into the hands of patients to directly manage their health.
This report demonstrates that significant cost savings can be realized by health care payers, such as insurance companies, and consumers through the use of dietary supplements that have a demonstrable and substantial effect on the risk of costly disease-related events among targeted high-risk populations. Specifically, this report examines evidence showing that the usage of key dietary supplements can reduce overall disease treatment-related hospital utilization costs associated with heart disease, age-related eye disease, diabetes, and bone disease in the United States among those at a high risk of experiencing a costly, disease-related event.

Thus, targeted dietary supplementation regimens are recommended as a means to help control rising societal health care costs, and as a means for high-risk individuals to minimize the chance of having to deal with potentially costly events and to invest in increased quality of life. Lutein and zeaxanthin for age-related eye diseases, included age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.  These supplements are reported to reduce the risk of these diseases by 23%, which would offer potential savings of $930 million. Chromium picolinate for potential diabetes-attributed CHD costs.  Chromium picolinate offers a potential cost savings of $970 million. This entry was posted in Anti-Aging, Heart Health, Isotonix, Men's Health, Research & Studies and tagged CDC, health care, health costs, supplements. This transformation has enormous potential to change how medicine is practiced and how the health care system, as a whole, operates.

With some historical evidence to support it, a widely-held belief is that people living out in the country tend to be in better health overall than city-dwellers, and that one of the underlying causes is the combination of enjoyable fresh air, exercise and, of course, extra sunlight.

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