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The ad is for a diet supplement called Protein World, and supporters says it motivates consumers to get fit and healthy. It's also prompted an online petition to have the posters removed. Juliette Burton signed it.
But signing the petition and posting her support on Twitter for the removal of the poster brought the noise front and center.
That promted a heated exchange between Protein World's CEO, Arjun Seth, and Twitter users supporting Burton. Burton has long been a body image campaigner after she struggled with anorexia, compulsive eating and bulimia. Seth wasn't the only one who mocked Burton online; others posting insults called her fat, ugly and crazy.

And other advertisers have taken the controversial ads as an opportunity to flip the script. We contacted Protein World requesting a comment for this story, but the company has not yet responded to that request.
Protein powders can be used in a number of ways to change up the foods you are eating and of course boost the protein intake throughout your daily nutrition. Take a serving of Greek yoghurt and add a scoop of your protein powder to it (most flavours will work for this one).
Take a handful of blueberries, raspberries and combine in a blender with strawberry, vanilla or chocolate protein powder with skimmed milk and honey, add cinnamon to finish off the taste. I occasionally add these into my nutrition to mix things up and introduce some variety from time to time; pancakes and smoothies make for a great treat too!

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But many others say it's simply body-shaming, and the ad has fired up debates on Twitter and Facebook about whether it's offensive. Mix in well and pour the mixture into popsicle moulds and freeze; great for a Summer’s day treat!

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