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Unless you've spent the last 10 years or so living in a cave, you've probably heard of the Paleo diet. The Paleo Diet seeks to get people off the processed foods, chemicals and garbage the human body doesn't recognize and isn't able to efficiently process in favor of the natural foods our body was designed to consume. There are quite a few foods that are disallowed on the Paleo Diet, some of which might surprise you at first glance.
The human body doesn't recognize many of the compounds in these foods and has trouble figuring out what to do with them. If you're interested in the Paleo diet, there are a lot of delicious and tasty Paleo recipes out there. These is not just the basis that people need to consider when planning to include raw food diet as part of their daily meal since issues and flaws regarding these foods are also evident. Although raw food diet provides multiple health benefits, people must also consider the possible consequences that these may give to their body in order to prevent other irregularities and issues from happening.
Knowing more of the benefits and risks that these might be giving, people need to be careful before they choose to decide on switching to this type of practice.

Then again, if you were living in a cave, you probably were eating the Paleo diet without realizing it. The reason behind many of these foods being disallowed is the human body has been designed over the course of millions of years to consume certain types of foods and these foods have been added in only the last couple thousand years. Grains are on the list because they weren't added to the human diet until 10,000 or so years ago when agriculture and farming became a way of life.
The milk of other animals didn't become part of the human diet until the Agricultural Revolution and a large number of people are intolerant to the lactose in milk.
It has its definite benefits, since it gets the dieter off the really bad foods that proliferate the Western Diet, but going true Paleo is difficult and is going to require a lot of discipline, especially when you're at a party and somebody shows up with boxes of bacon maple cupcakes. People need to consider both the positive and the negative effects of these foods in order to achieve a healthy and strong body. These foods may include fruits, fresh vegetables and many others can be eaten without undergoing any cooking process. They can also experience difficulty eating outside with other people since they are already fixed in practicing raw food diet.

Make a balanced and proper eating habit that would make your body healthy and free from any type of diseases and illnesses.
In the case of processed foods, they've only become a part of the human diet in last 100 or so years. A large group of people are intolerant to gluten and it's thought that even those who don't show outward signs of intolerance may be affected by it internally.
People are known to be switching to eating raw food diet since they are aware that these types of foods are beneficial to their body.

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