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Promotional EventsDo you need a bus for a special event, promotional function, or how about your next campaign? Financial RoadshowsDo you represent a bank or financial institution and need group transportation for your investment bankers? We have been organizing roadshows for years.
Professional Sports TeamsDo you have a team that will be traveling to many different cities and states over the next several months?
College Teams and GroupsWe understands the importance of collegiate events and we are here to help.
Weddings & ReceptionsDo you have more than a few guests coming to your special occasion and not enough parking for everyone? For any professional sports team, proper branding is essential to grow and maintain an engaged fan base. For example, the New York Knicks placed at the bottom of their division during the 2014-2015 NBA season. In 2015, the New York Knicks ranked eight in the World’s Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams list, five spots higher it did the previous year.
Professional Sports Top Rated Players Pinterest Pictures, Professional Sports Top Rated Players Facebook Images, Professional Sports Top Rated Players Photos for Tumblr.
Let us provide a custom bus with your company, organization, or candidates name in an eye catching wrap.
Whether you are traveling between 2 to 200 cities, we will  provide you with one confirmation, one invoice and one point of contact.

Think of the hassle involved in trying to procur transportation in each of those cities and with all of those different companies. Did a company that you hired have a last minute situation that left you unable to get to your destination? Have any of these situations ever happened to you: Vehicle Breakdowns, Unreliable Vendors, you forgot to get a confirmation number and now you don't have transportation for your big event, and also, every once in a while, an airline has a problem with a plane and we are called by the airlines to come to the airport and take the passengers on to their destinations. Whether sports or your debate team, they will arrive at the event ready to represent your institution. Are your guests from out of town and staying at a hotel and they don't have a way to get around?
While winning championships can increase the revenue of a professional sports team, so can a strong team brand.
However, the Knicks was the only team from its division to make it to the list of Most Valuable Sports Teams of Forbes in both 2014 and 2015.
Currently valued at $2.5 billion, the Knicks show how a a professional sports team can make a profit by not putting limits to branded item opportunities.
By branding a wide range of products, a professional sports team can reach untapped audiences, engender brand loyalty, leverage low cost per impression, and capitalize on a new revenue stream. From manifest organizing, to scheduled route service, to and from hotels, and your event site, Wink's can do more than just provide buses for you.
Whether the vehicle will be parked inside of a venue and used as a display piece or driven across the country on a national campaign, let Winks help you with all of the aspects of planning. Let us help you with either a tour bus, private sedan service in every city that they will be visiting, or whatever type of special transportation that they will need while out and about.

We know that they will be traveling all over the country and we can provide the transportation for every location. From collectible balls to branded office items to catering & party supplies, virtually no product is off limits! Our "Event Team" is on site to take the worries and hassles out of organizing passengers and transportation. When you call Wink's, with just one call you can reserve your transportation for every city that you will need service. Whether shooting a movie for several weeks or in town one night for a concert, we have what you need.
When people panicked, we stepped up and mobilized vehicles to get people to their destinations. We understand the hassle of trying to get everyone to their destination and now with TSA restrictions being tighter than ever, we make it that much easier for you.

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