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PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased in demand of ADDTabz & PhenTabz from the recent CBS News, NBC News, ABC News TV segments, Gentech Pharmaceutical cannot guarantee supply.
Prescription weight loss pills have been developed by drug companies to treat obesity and help fashion-conscious individuals cut on excess fat and achieve their preferred weight. Currently, obesity is rated as a huge risk which leads into other diseases that may eventually result in the cause of death. There are many people who are struggling with obesity who are looking for ways to deal with it. Prescription Weight Loss Pills work but with the negative side effects you are paying a steep price just for weight loss.
The FDA has also been very reluctant in approving new products in this industry due to the dangerous side effects they may cause including death. The main reason why these prescription weight loss pills are so popular regardless of their obvious dangers is that, many people want a quick fix for their obesity or weight problems and you must have a doctor’s recommendation to even obtain them making that satisfaction even more enticing. Prescription weight loss pills are very effective at speeding up the rate of fat burning in the body and this leads to a fast weight loss process BUT keep in mind that there are many health problems that accompany this process. However, many people always overlook the risk of being affected by one of these complications. In fact, you should avoid using them altogether if possible due to the fact that they are dangerous to your health and overall well being.

There are millions upon millions of dollars being poured into marketing the prescription weight loss pills to you on TV. Although doctors may not tell you, it is recommendable to stay away from prescription weight loss pills.
Even fake versions of this types of weight loss drugs like Sibutramine have side effects are far worse. 1st, there is no point in changing your eating habits if you’re going to revert back to your normal habits because if you do you will revert back to your weight at which you started eventually. Once you have started building a foundation of a proper diet with a good balance of fruit and vegetables and are staying active there is a product that can enhance your results allowing you to reach your weight loss (fat loss) goals much quicker. Please read our PhenTabz Customer Reviews for detailed information and results on the product. She felt more active with higher energy levels, lost weight through fat loss and not water weight loss and overall had a sense of well-being without negative side effects she experienced from other diet weight loss pills. PhenTabz: Effective and safe weight loss pills without a prescription and free of the negative side effects associated with prescription weight loss pills!
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On the other hand, health care entrepreneurs and drug companies have been developing all kinds of products to treat this condition.

Some of these pills have been associated with the potential to cause adverse side effects on the body. Besides blocking the fats, the drug also prevents the absorption of essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E and beta carotene that are normally attached to the fats. Then enhance those efforts with a weight loss supplement that has little to no side effects.
Stop doing the fad diets and start making long term, healthier changes you’re comfortable with. Try PhenTabz and see for yourself how these incredible PhenTabz weight loss pills can do for you. Place your order and have it shipped out today!International shipping available to countries outside of the US as well.

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