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ME: When I met the Rainbow Light team, they were about to launch their Embrace Prenatal 35+, a prenatal vitamin for women over 35. Besides being a super healthy, natural vitamin for the kids, I really enjoy that the vitamins come in individual bags. Gestational age calculates a due date by counting 40 weeks from the start of the mother’s last menstrual period.
Fetal age begins when your egg is fertilized, which will be two weeks less than gestational age.
During preconception, your body is preparing for your baby, setting the stage for your pregnancy. To gauge your diet's nutritional balance, try writing down your meals and snacks for a week.
Supplement your balanced diet with prenatal multivitamins that include folic acid and other essential minerals and vitamins needed for pregnancy. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has some good recommendations here. Focusing on muscles in your lower back and stomach may be particularly good when preparing for pregnancy.

As I learned more about the vitamin, and all of the great things in it, I realized it's really a good vitamin for any woman who is pregnant, nursing or thinking about getting pregnant.
This has helped in remembering to take vitamins, because I keep bags in my purse or grab some as we're heading out the door. As one time, I did receive samples of the vitamins we take, but continue to use and purchase them on my own.
Folate is found naturally in lentils, dark, leafy green vegetables, peas, and citrus fruits.
During Week 1, and throughout your pregnancy, a balanced exercise program might be as important as a balanced diet. Your egg is actually still awaiting fertilization in your fallopian tube, and your body is preparing for conception.
One reason I've never pushed them, is that I felt like I was constantly reading about all the gross, terrible things used as fillers in the vitamins.
I had my first 2 babies in my twenties, and while i'm only 30 now, I feel more tired and certainly don't take as much time as I used to on my meals. Because pinpointing exactly when your egg becomes fertilized is quite difficult, even for a doctor.

Folic acid (the synthetic form of folate used in fortified foods and supplements) is added to fortified foods such as breads and cereals. Both the tiredness and limited time for meal prep are thanks to my two sweet, wild girls, but as we start to think about adding a 3rd to our crew, I know the added vitamins in the Embrace 35+ are what I need.
So most doctors use an age estimation method called gestational age, instead of your baby’s actual fetal age. Then, about 6 months ago I met the team from Rainbow Light & vitamins in our house changed.
I waited a while to post, because I wanted to have the whole family try out their variety of vitamins, & make sure they were a good fit, before recommending them to others. 6 months later, we're taking more vitamins than ever, and this winter "knock on wood" we've all been really healthy. Besides finding vitamins that the whole family like, I was most excited to find vitamins that are not made with anything but natural goodness (no gross fillers).

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