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The benefits of creatine and beta-alanine go further than just increasing muscle mass? and strength.
When British researchers gave healthy subjects several different amounts and types of beetroot, their blood pressure decreased significantly and blood flow increased. There are a couple of key ingredients that have been clinically proven to enhance muscle performance, increase anabolic activity, and enhance blood flow and recuperation. Recent studies have shown that creatine and beta-alanine can work better when combined as opposed to being taken separately.

A series of cellular studies has now clearly shown that leucine directly activates?a critical compound in muscle called the mTOR. A previous study reported when subjects took beta-alanine and creatine they increased fat-free mass and had a three-fold increase in strength after ten weeks of resistance training compared to a placebo group. Another key ingredient for pre-workout pumps is beetroot, as it has been clinically proven to enhance muscle vasodilatation. A new study examined the effects of high dose leucine supplementation around a high-intensity resistance exercise workout.

If you want one supplement that has all these active ingredients instead of spending money on buying all these ingredients separately, consider BPI’s PUMP-HD.

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