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Before you spend 20 minutes pumping iron at the gym or hauling your body up that park hill, feed yourself a little protein-rich snack first. This recipe definitely brings some ?taste of Poland to the table and is great served hot or cold.
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January 13, 20122 CommentsOh my goodness, I just discovered a very awesome, yummy recipe!!!  It’s posted on Oxygen Magazine’s website (they have so many awesome recipes!!) and I thought I would share it with all of you!!! Research suggests that a protein fix before a workout could boost your metabolic rate -- and thus your calorie burn -- for a full 24 hours after you strength train.Whether you use elastic bands, gym weights, or your own body as resistance, strength training revs up your body's calorie burning from hours to days after a single session. And it is definitely a great feeling to see it on people especially on the ones who can carry whatever they wear so well. And there are two reasons why: First, your body is simply working overtime to replenish the fuel -- oxygen and blood sugar -- you used up in your workout.

During my visit I tried them all, and loved the rich and sweet taste it adds to the dishes.Beetroot not only tastes great it is also extremely healthy and good for us. It acts as a powerful detoxifier and blood purifier, as it increases the livers production of detoxifying enzymes.
And, as it turns out, a little extra protein may encourage your body to work even harder on that second part.

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