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I have a lot of clients ask me about what they can eat before a workout that will give them enough energy to get through an intense workout without making them want to vomit all over the gym floor.
The first time I had one of these super fruit bowls was when I went to the beach last weekend. If I make an acai bowl for breakfast, I add a little bit of protein powder and I’m good to go!
Now that I’ve spent the summer working out at least 5 if not 6 days a week, I know what my body needs to keep me moving, energized and not eating a bunch of junk. I’ve compiled a list of 18 great banana-free smoothies to which I can add protein powder to make a great snack or even meal. I don’t always have time to get the blender running after my workout, especially if I’m doing preschool pick ups or running errands. They are great #FeelGooder snacks with at least 10g of protein, 200 calories or less and they are gluten-free.
These involve a little more prep work, but I can throw High Energy No-Bake Bites into my bag for busy days, too. Many runners and athletes swear by chocolate milk as a great protein and carbohydrate rich post-run snack. I can soak my chia seeds the night before and make a great double berry chia pudding parfait. As some of you know, I recently began teaching classes at the popular fitness studio in my area, Sweat Garage. Sweat Garage is a circuit-style cardio and strength training class incorporating treadmill intervals, weights, plyometrics, jump roping, body weight exercises, core building and much more.
One evening, some clients asked me what they should be eating pre and post workout, in order to have enough energy to make it through the strenuous hour-long class. They’d heard you were supposed to eat a certain amount of protein after a workout to rebuild muscle, but they had also heard that eating late at night will make you gain weight. Aim to get in a balance of the two within 30-90 minutes of exercise to replace glycogen stores, shorten recovery time and maximize muscle repair.
I usually have my standard breakfast after my workout: a balance of carbs, protein and fat. Some ideas: greek yogurt with fruit, a smoothie made with bananas and vegan protein powder or a fried egg and a piece of whole-grain toast.
So what should you do if, like my clients in the 8:15 class, you’re not done with your workout until late in the evening? Weight gain is caused by a positive calorie balance, in other words, eating more calories than your body needs.

That biological clock of yours is metaphorical, and even so,  it doesn’t apply to diet. To give you an idea of how I fuel my workouts, here’s a roundup of my eats on Monday. I drink a few sips of the coffee on the way to the gym to give me a little jolt of energy and I finish it afterwards with my breakfast. Six Egg White & Veggie Omelet (squash, peppers, mushrooms and spinach) with an Ezekiel Sprouted English Muffin and 1 T.
Bodybuilders and figure competitors on the other hand, will avoid carbs for a couple of weeks prior to their shows. After though, most go back to a balanced diet. I probably have small snack shortly before my workouts and then I have a protein shake afterwards.
I’ve always heard so many different things what to eat before and after working out and I’m glad to hear that carbs are okay! Thanks for breaking it down and correlating it to an example (your day of eating)- I work out first thing and can never usually stomach anything- but before bed I always have a pretty heavy snack which tends to hold me over in the morning. I feel at my best when I work out on a very lightly-fueled stomach, which is perfect because I also prefer to workout first thing in the morning. Just wondering what your suggestion would be since I get up let my dog out then head down to the basement to workout most mornings. I had it for breakfast and told my Grandma that I’d love to create my own when I got home.
Thanks for putting the step-by-step instructions on how to make the acai bowl and which products you use, that’s really helpful!
I can throw one of the delicious Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple bars in my bag and eat it on the go.
It not only builds muscle tissue, but it also helps your body carry out most of its basic functions by way of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. The important thing is to give your body time to fully digest the food before the exercise or you’re going to be in trouble.
Eating carbohydrates with protein will ensure the protein is spared for muscle building, while the carbs are used to replace your energy stores. Your body does not have a timer that goes off in the evening telling it to store everything you consume as fat. The 50 cals of banana 30 minutes prior to my workout are just the right amount of carbs to get me through my intense cardio and strength training. I like to follow up all of my workouts with a protein shake immediately and aim to get a full meal in about an hour later.

Thanks for sharing these tips and I’m totally looking forward to my next trip to LA so I can try to squeeze in one of your classes! It’d be interesting to see what would happen if I altered my workouts and did them later in the day! I guess if you’re a light-sleeper that may be a valid reason to avoid late-night snacks!
If getting up and getting straight into your workout is working for you, then I’d say to stick with that.
I'm an Entertainment Reporter turned Healthy Living Blogger, CPT & aspiring RD, here in the heart of Los Angeles. They’re so versatile, easy to make and you can even have them for a good, healthy breakfast!
Of course, when I got home, she came over to visit and she had all the ingredients for me to make my own acai bowl. I was having a scoop of peanut butter in the morning, but I always felt nauseated and it definitely wasn’t enough to get me through a whole hour of full body workouts. If you don’t know how many calories you expend on a daily basis, you can get a rough estimate using calculators like this one. If I had six yolks with this I would be eating in excess – which as we discussed prior, is not good.
As for the food, I usually like to keep it carb heavy on heavy weight days and definitely protein heavy post workout.
I also try to cut off the kitchen by 8, but it depends on the day and whether im going out to dinner. Instead of having one for breakfast, I made one for a pre-workout snack and it was delicious and gave me enough energy for my workout. So, a 130 lb gal may want to consume a 120 calorie banana about 1-2 hours before her workout. If you have the time, you could try eating a small snack (like a banana) right upon waking, then wait a half an hour and see if you have more energy.

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