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A skinny guy or someone with low body fat is at greater risk of losing muscle tissue after a workout.
Eating the right meal before a workout can increase energy levels and preserve muscle tissue.
Slow-releasing carbohydrate foods will make sure the body gets a steady supply of calories during a workout.
February 3, 2014 By Tony Schober, CPT Your pre-workout meal can make or break your workout.
Planning out and eating the right food can be the difference between not doing your workout or doing it.
People who do eat a meal say that it gives them more energy, and that they have a better workout as a result. Now, while fasted training might burn more fat during your workout, that is not the overall determining factor for fat loss. The rule for whether you should eat a pre-workout meal or not is this: make it a goal to have the best workout you can.
Ideally, you want enough time between your meal and workout that your meal gets digested, raises your blood sugar a bit, and synthesizes glycogen for your exercise.
Depending on the size of your meal, you could eat as little as 30 minutes before your workout if you’re having a small snack, or up to 1-2 hours before if your meal is more normal in size. If you have more time between eating and working out, your meal can more resemble one of your typical meals.
To give you a better idea of what these meals will actually look like, here are some pre-workout meal ideas for you to choose from.
Protein Shake – This is quickly digested and is nicely suited for those who work out in the morning or need the convenience factor.
Pasta – Ideal for the long-distance runner or for the athlete who needs extra high-intensity fuel.
I really enjoy your articles: your insight into training and nutrition are some of the best articles that I have ever read.
Share your name and email and I'll send you a FREE copy of my eBook - The 10 Forgotten Rules of Weight Loss. I know you’re doing an amazing job KILLING your workouts, but I also want to make sure you’re fueling your body with what it needs before and after you exercise.
Eat a meal or snack that contains about 75% carbs and 25% protein before a strength training session.
You want to eat low glycemic index carbs that are easy on your stomach because they are released more slowly into your body and will give you long lasting energy. Consuming a post-workout meal within 2 hours of your gym session will give your body what it needs to repair, grow and build strength for future performance. After strength training, protein is needed to repair and grow lean muscle mass, while carbohydrates will replenish your body with energy and prevent muscle soreness. Generally, you want to eat a meal high in protein 2-3 hours before your workout (if you have time) and then eat a high carb snack 30 to 60 minutes right before your gym session. What about if you workout later in the evening, say around 8pm to 9pm and don’t finish your workout till 10pm… What would be the best thing to eat post work out!? Can you please upload a pre-workout and post-workout vegan version or lacto-vegetarian version?it would help a lot!
You could for example have fruit with yogurt and oats or something like that for breakfast (or even a breakfast smoothie), and that would be your fruit for the day done!
I work out before breakfast too for quite a time now, mostly cardio, because for me personally it increases my fat burn.
So I follow the workout calendar religiously, and also try to eat as clean as I can and only allow myself a couple cheat meals in a week, but I still am not seeing any results, no matter what I do.
It might be because you have a slow metabolism even though you are doing the workout calendar.

I wish I wasn’t the pickiest eater in the world because I feel so limited when it comes to healthy breakfast foods.
I am confused, so today I am doing both cardio and strength so what should I eat should I have one of the strength meals and one of the cardio meals?
Under the food baby video she talks about what to do if you do a strength and cardio workout. If you are serious about muscle building, you need to make sure you eat the right food at the right time.
That’s good news for those who are trying to lose weight or reduce their body fat level, but not for those who are trying to build muscles. The reason being that if there isn’t enough energy to fuel the workout, the body breaks down the protein in muscles to release the energy it needs. If it doesn’t have enough energy, it starts to burn body fat or breaks down muscle tissue to fuel the workout. There is no point having a steak with vegetables 10-15 even 30 minutes prior to the workout. Fat, for example, takes between 6 and 8 hours to digest; protein takes 3-4 hours and carbohydrates take 2-3 hours. They contain Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which help protein synthesis and protein breakdown during a workout. Here’s how to create the perfect pre-workout meal for optimal fat loss and performance. Proponents of training on an empty stomach say you can burn more fat, since you’ll use the fat from your body instead of the energy from your meal.
At the end of the day, it’s going to be energy balance that determines your weight loss. If your intensity levels are going to suffer and you’re not going to be able to run as fast or lift as much weight as a result of skipping your meal, then you should be eating one.
What you don’t want to happen is not leaving enough time to digest your meal and having to work out with a stomach full of food.
This meal should have very little fat, some carbohydrates in the form of sugar (you’ll see meal ideas below), and a little protein if possible.
The fructose in fruit will help to fill liver glycogen and raise blood sugar levels to the degree necessary to improve energy levels. The meal is not as fibrous, so it doesn’t sit heavily in your stomach, but it still gives you complex carbohydrates to power through an intense workout. Pasta will easily fill muscle glycogen stores, leaving you with sufficient fuel for a grueling workout. If you don’t have time to get up more than an hour before your workout then a snack would be optimal. Pre and post-workout nutrition is essential!  The purpose of eating before and after a workout is simple – to fuel, repair and replenish your body. Pre-workout meals will vary from person to person because some people take a longer time to digest certain foods. The carbs will give your body the energy needed to produce power, while the protein will not only keep you full longer, but also help your muscles repair and grow.
This is because carbs turn into energy quicker and will help keep you fueled for your workout. Drinking pure water right after a workout will replenish your body from the water lost during sweat.
For example, if you just did a moderate yoga class, you won’t need as many carbohydrates compared to someone who just finished a high-intensity interval session.
Jane was very right in what she said, the key to being healthy is having a varied diet and moderation! When you do cardio on an empty stomach it has to take the energy from your stored fat, so if you wanna loose some of that fat like me that’s great!

I’m content with my size, I just want to be able to lean up and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! I was in your shoes when eating clean and allowing myself a couple cheat meals in a week- always being disappointed when results were never changed. I myself am always frustrated at the lack of quick results, but change to your lifestyle will slowly but surely get you the results you want. I always heard you had to eat 30 minutes after a workout in order to get the best rewards but I guess it’s okay to wait a little longer.
The food needs to be broken down first and to get the nutrients on their way into the blood stream. Depending on individual metabolism rates, it could take up to 24 hours to fully digest a meal. If you have to work out early in the morning, it likely doesn’t make much sense to wake up 2 hours earlier to have a meal. What you eat before and after exercise depends on the type of training you’re doing and its intensity. Stay away from too much fat pre-workout because fats take a longer time to digest and may be hard on your stomach. Just like pre-workout meals, post-workout nutrition also depends on what type of training you did and its intensity. Remember – fueling your body after a workout is essential to ensure you are not losing muscle mass, but instead maintaining and building it.
The combination of strength and cardio is more intense, therefore you want to be sure you have enough energy to support the workout and then replenish your body adequately after.
I have always been an early morning roll out of bed exerciser, whether running, body weight workout, or spinning, i drink a large glass of water and go.
If you eat just fruit you’re missing out on loads of nutrition your body definitely needs! Then I decided to drink green tea twice a day (morning and night) along with my usual schedule, and I lost weight fast since tea really helps boost your Metabolism! If eating an extra piece of fruit is the difference between you getting 1 extra rep or not, then eat it.
You can add a portion of protein or fiber to deliver a steadier rate of energy and help prevent fatigue halfway through.
But, having one serving of fat will slow digestion, which will help maintain your energy level. Having a healthy carb choice such as fruit, veggies or whole grains will not only refuel your energy levels, but also replace electrolytes lost during your workout.
I would say, just start over and eat proper meals that have all the energy you need instead of just fruit, good luck! And yes fruit is high in sugar, but don’t freak out and cut out fruit all together either. But I think it depends on your body, and I think you’ll figure out what’s best for you! Overdoing it can lead to wild swings in blood sugar – leaving you feeling lethargic right before your workout. Try eating fruit in the morning or early afternoon, that way your body has enough time to work through the sugar.

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