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When I don’t eat properly before my workout, my energy dwindles and performance suffers leaving me frustrated.
Both apples and almonds contain fiber, which will help keep you satiated throughout your workout.
Perfect for morning workouts, oatmeal provides quick burning fuel and the small portion won’t weigh you down. The natural sugar in dried fruit will give you a quick energy boost and is perfect for on-the-go snacking. Blend your favorite fruit, leafy green and coconut water for a hydrating, energy boosting pre-workout treat.
This delicious combination of carbohydrates and protein will give you a quick boost of energy, but with enough staying power. Every day I bring a carton of yogurt to the office with me so I have something to eat before I head to the gym.
High intensity exercise lasting more than 40 minutes – Eat high carbohydrate, low fat meal about 3 hours before exercise.
Eating low GI (Glycemic) foods will provide you with sustained energy throughout your exercise. Steel cut oats (millet and buckwheat groats are a great alternative) topped with walnuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins. General rule during exercise is to consume enough carbohydrates and electrolytes to prevent fatigue from setting in.

After exercising it is important to replenish your glycogen stores as well as repair your muscles. Although a solid meal is not ideal right after a period of exercise, there are many options to solid food choices. Recovery Shake – Many choices for protein supplements, one of my favorites includes the Natural Isolate Chocolate.
Wrap filled with a lean protein like tuna, chicken, cottage cheese, raw almond butter or farm fresh eggs. Baked sweet or regular potato topped with Eden brand butter or kidney beans and organic cottage cheese. Liquid calories are digested quicker than solid food so this is a good pick for those that don’t feel well eating too close to exercise.
Depending on the type of food consumed, you can create energy fast, or energy that is sustained over longer periods of time.
Sports drinks are one example that will provide the body with electrolytes and simple carbohydrates (sugars) to keep your energy up. In addition to protein powder, some choose to add additional nutrition by adding BCAA’s and L-Glutamine along with frozen fruit and water. It’s really amazing how eating the right foods before a workout can make all the difference in the world.
To be sure your body is properly fueled, it’s important to eat 20 to 90 minutes prior to your workout.

While some people can eat something 10 minutes before exercising, others may need a full hour to feel their best.
Low-glycemic carbs will keep your blood sugar steady and ensure you’re fueled throughout your workout. There are many ways of creating energy for your type of exercise, but here are just a couple general rules.
A post workout protein shake are often the best choice because they provide everything needed for your body and are easy to digest and absorb. While it isn’t ideal to workout on an empty growling stomach, it can be equally uncomfortable with a full belly. Lean proteins provide your muscles with everything they need to endure the stress of exercise.
Here are a few pre-workout snack ideas that will keep you energized without weighing you down.

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