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Man big House, I would love to get this STAK, truthfully because sup Are so damn expensive, and you never really get a chance to try everything because between buying food and trying supplement the right way money always seems to run low o and don't forget paying bills so my wife lets me go to the gym and get it in lol. Goals; Honestly, my job is sitting in a cube all day on a computer and I've gained about 25lbs in the last 2 years, I've dieted, mixed up cardio, changed training times, eating times, everything, and just haven't been able to get as healthy as I want. A $1,000 promo of Animal supps would really help offset the budget, and help keep me moving towards my goal. My goal in the end is to get healthy again as a whole, lose fat, build clean muscle mass, and get back into cardiovascular shape.
Thanks for running such a great promo especially for the blue collar workforce we really represent. Goals: I would like to put on about 10-15 pounds before doing my first contest early next year. Some of my fav offseason supps are animal rage, animal test, animal stak, BCAA stack(can't ever have enough), and casein pro. The amount of want i have for a animal stak that intense is beyond me, I have always loved animal products, they are proven to work time and time again and never settle yet move onward with improvement, I have used a few Animal and Universal products in the past but presently only use Animal Pak and Universal Creatine Chews although Rage is one of my favorite pre-workouts to get that drive, can't not get in a hardcore workout with Rage. Animal OMEGA - I take 2 packs of these a day for extra heart benefits as well as joint inflammation. I don't use a ton of supplements due to the fact of my budget at the moment, I would love to get the chance to use as well as get to try some of Universal and Animals products that I haven't gotten the chance to try! Yea man but I would love to get a house STAK especially a free one I get pumped when I'm at Gnc and they give me a bag full of free samples this would be like that but 200 times better! Although when bulking I usually use Real Gains as well, its got the greatest nutrition and macronutrition profile and just all around taste like a badass milkshake, a serving of that with milk and a scoop of casein, now thats the shit! Work 40 hours a week while taking a full time credit load for my Bachelors, I love the challenge of having a busy lifestyle and being able to still continue to do things most people cannot do.
In the gym, in class, as a son, as a boyfriend, uncle, etc, I want to become great at the things I do and am in life.
I also did my first bodybuilding show last July in Chicago (shouts out) called the Wings Of Strength I took third I was in the super heavy club.
I probably go through easily $300 on supplements alone a month, not to mention food costs during contest prep like I am currently in. I will pick a winner of the contest and the sups will be sent to your house on The House & Animal. To be honest if i had to stop using all of my supps and only use one it would have to be Animal Pak, i've been using it the longest and just knowing animal pride is rushing through my veins give me such contentment, its just all around great product, no matter what happens thats always gonna be my supp of choice when it comes to a multivitamin, its the best around, and prove.

So my goal this year is to kill it and get that number 1 spot, and I thinking adding in your STAK would help me get that.
Let me know what some of your fav offseason sups are so if you get picked i can throw some in the offseason stack. Out of the Universal and Animal off season supps i'd have to say some of my favorites are Rage, Real Gains, Gain Fast, Atomic 7, Proton, Nitro, and M-Stak, all great product, although i believe in some type of fat burner while bulking, i believe it really helps.
Here I am a year later of being clean, back in school full time and working full time with my life on track.
I have always trusted the Animal and Universal brand since I started using them 3 years ago. I couldn't be happier to have my health and life on track again, and regardless of the outcome.. Everything for the strength gains and pump to bullshit'in in the gym with my friends this life style is great and I wish I started earlier.
Make sure you watch the video so you can see some of the sups you will be getting and how to use them. It would be awesome to win this and would help tremendously and thanks for this opportunity to win $1000 in free sups!
It would be an amazing addition to my off season to have THE HOUSE personally set up my STAK to help get me to that next level. I am a fellow NJ resident my whole life, the shore and this state are all I have ever known..
This is what motivates me to continue to train hard as well as work hard in my everyday life!
Fankhouser has a wife, two kids, a full time job, and little dogs to take care of every day, and on top of that, he kills the weights everyday. He pumps me up whenever I seem to have an excuse for not making it to the gym, or cooking my meals the day before etc.. He not only talks about bodybuilding, he talks about life in general, and how to be better.

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