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One of the most important, if no the most important part of your workout session is to stretch. A series of well performed stretches before you start your workout session will warm up your muscles leaving them ready to be exercised. It is also very important to stretch when you finish your workout session, by doing so you will eliminate the Latic Acid. During a run or an intense cardio workout session you body produces so much lactate that it can’t eliminate.
Physical activities like weight lifting, running, swimming or any other physical activity will shorten muscle fibres reducing flexibility. Stretches should be performed first thing in the morning when you wake up, when you finish work and off course before and after any physical activity. If done correctly, ideally with the help of an instructor, stretching exercises can be relaxing and fun to do.

Frequency and relaxation are the most important factors to perform a good stretching session, everything should be done slowly and patiently without swinging.
Ideally you should find a comfortable position, and hold for a minimum of 10 seconds, the more you can hold on in the same position the better and maintain a slow and controlled respiration. Other benefits of stretching include improvement of blood circulation, better coordenation and relaxation. Stay tunned for more workout tips and bodybuilding supplements reviews here at Workout Planet.
Latic acid is produced as a result of any intense physical activity such as weight lifting, running, swimming.  When your muscles are working hard it produces high levels of lactate.
All these activities mentioned above make your muscle harder and strong but they reduce flexibility, that is when stretching comes into play.
But always remember to respect your limits over stretching can cause serious muscles and nerves injuries.
Workout Planet do not recommend the use of any bodybuilding supplement without consulting a doctor or a nutritionist first and is not responsible for any complications caused by the use on any bodybuilding supplement reviewed.

This type of stretching is best performed before your workout to help get blood flowing to the area of your body that is about to be worked.
You can perform the movements from these videos before any Insanity workout or anytime you feel like you need to limber up.
If you need less, do less.Static Stretching After Insanity WorkoutsStatic stretching should be performed after working out – and yes, that means right after! It is best to perform static stretches after your workout to help improve your mobility and range of motion, which in turn, can help reduce muscle soreness in the long run.Below is a sequence of additional stretching you can do as a cool down following your Insanity workouts. Just adding 5 to 10 minutes before and after your workouts not only dramatically reduces your risk of injury, but also lowers the time it takes to recover from the workouts, allowing you to workout harder!Enter your email  below to be updated about the next installment of how to stay injury free!

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