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Amino Energy is very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes towards both cutting and bulking goals. A great option for those on an off cycle of creatine that want something that provides energy, focus, and pump in the gym. Unfortunately a lot of the value around Amino Energy diminishes depending on how much of the product you need per dose. The price per serving ratio looks great at first glance, but it will vary depepnding on how much you like to take all at once. With each single scoop, you’re adding another 50mg of caffeine to the point of your liking. It uses a combination of Beta Alanine, BCAA’s, and L-Citrulline to help keep your muscles going strong throughout your workout.

It also proves itself as a worthy intra-workout product or a pick me up drink without added calories or sugar.
This is a great way for someone just starting out to gauge their tolerance by slowing adding more as the feel comfortable. But the average person will tend to want something close to 4 scoops, which brings it to about $1.08 per serving. I suggested Amino Energy to my girlfriend, and she was happy for the choice to take her dosage up slowly.
It will depend on how much you take, but it was nice to not feel a crash following my workout (I used 4 scoops). I was expecting some type of post workout side effects from taking this but there were none, no jittering and no headache.

But for those who are beginning, or who like an energy boost (not to a crazy level) then Amino Energy would be a great option and I would recommend it. Her preffered amount was around 3 scoops, where she felt energized but not to the point of jittery (which she hates). They use a combination of Caffeine, Taurine, Tyrosine, and Green Tea extracts to provide the energy and focus.

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