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B-Vitamins: Most of these pre-workouts are packed with 89719561% your daily recommended intake of B-Vitamins.
Mental: Once I get used to and hooked on the jittery energy pre-workouts for a couple of months, they become a necessity mentally.
So, although I do think the store bought pre-workouts are very excessive and unhealthy, I do enjoy extra energy before a good workout. One to two full cinnamon stick(s): Cinnamon has proven anti-clotting effect on the blood, stabilizes blood sugar, and reduces triglyceride, LDL cholesterool and total cholesterol in the body. 5 Bags of Tazo Zen Green Tea with Lemongrass and Spearmint: For an article about why green tea is healthy, click here. One Tea Bag of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea: I add this stuff for preferential purposes.
Half a Lemon and half a lime, squeezed: I went to a fancy gym once that served lemon water in coolers, and really enjoyed it. 5-hour energy, ache, advocare, all natural, ant inflammatory, anti-clotting, anxiety, arginine extreme, b-vitamins, blood, blood sugar, breath, breathing, bsn, caffeine, capsaicin, cayenne, celestial seasonings, cellucor c4 extreme, chamomile, cholesterol, cinnamon, clarity, coffee, cognitive function, concoction, crash, cycle, Delicious, digestion, distance running, endurance, Energy, energy drink, explosive, fatigue, gains, glucose, green tea, gym, health benefits, heavy, hiking, honey, infinite labs, infused, jitter, juggernaut, ldl, lemon, lemon water, lemongrass, lime, lings, long distance running, lose, martial arts, memory, metabolism, monster, mosquito, muay thai, n.o. It’s a rush of clean, powerful, and purpose-driven energy that motivates your body to be up and moving, delivers long-lasting nitric oxide pumps, and contains clinically-proven ingredients that help you to obliterate one set after the next. It can mean the difference between having a KILLER WORKOUT full of new personal records, and a so-so workout that leaves you wondering, “What the hell happened?!” Sound familiar?
Is your favorite pre-workout supplement still delivering the same massive pumps, explosive energy, and precision focus as the first time you took it? As you’ve probably noticed, most pre-workouts today include 1,3-Dimethylamylamine and other common stimulants for energy.
The most popular Nitric Oxide precursor ingredients release Nitric Oxide for only 2-3 hours.
Just like you change up your workout routine to keep gains going, or your doctor changes antibiotics to kick that stubborn infection; it’s time to change the way Nitric Oxide and Energy are delivered to your body for SuperSize’d Workouts. What’s inside are NOT the same popular and time-tested ingredients your body is currently adapted to.
To get the same amazing energy, focus, and pump-inducing levels of nitric oxide back into your workouts, you need to change the ingredients you’re using. To be the World’s Best means to be different, to be innovative, and to only demand the best from your body.
For SuperSize, it means to put something in that bottle that makes you the World’s Best on every workout. Mind over Matter – SuperSize delivers enormous amounts of mental focus, drive, and motivation in the gym, and provides that “in the zone” effect that’s so beneficial to training.
Nitric Oxide Pumps – By using the Inverse Nitric Oxide Pathway, the Leucine Nitrate found in SuperSize gets converted into Nitrite and then directly into Nitric Oxide…over and over again, lasting for up to 8 amazing hours! Strength – When your pump is pumped up, you energy is pumped up, and your focus is pumped up, guess what else gets pumped up? Athletic Xtreme Supersize Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 scoops with 8 ounces of cold water and consume 30-45 minutes before beginning activity. This product has not failed me yet (was on for 2 months straight at 1 scoop only) and there are several guys on my fire dept who love it also because of the clean, smooth energy it gives us.

ProEndorphin is a powerful performance-enhancing, effervescent elixir specifically formulated to deliver energy you feel in minutes.
Not only is it just terrible for you, but I had two teeth pulled and one root canal this year, and don’t plan on having any more. So, when I try and go straight to the gym from work and don’t have my pre-workout with me, I either have a half-assed workout, or sometimes just skip it completely. As I mentioned, some of these will actually give you some good gains, but the gains eventually stop. I used to drink black coffee before hand, but I eventually moved to tea, as the lower acidity was easier on the stomach. I have sleep troubles like crazy, so I can drink the sleepy time teas with little or no effect. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper will open up your lungs and throat and clear your sinuses for extremely efficient breathing. Those time tested ingredients work, but what do you do when they don’t work as well for you.
And here’s where adaptation rears it’s ugly head yet again…eventually your body adapts to these ingredients too and gives you diminishing returns.
There are loads of Pre-Workout supplements out there that rely on the same old ingredients. But rather, SuperSize contains two brand new, never before seen ingredients that work through completely NEW pathways!
Your body is not yet adapted to the powerful ingredients in SuperSize because they work through completely different biochemical pathways. It is to except nothing less from yourself than everything you’ve got for those 60 minutes you are smashing plates together. This is what our PhD Scientists spent over a year formulating, something so unique that we guarantee that your body has not yet adapted and you will see explosive results from the first workout. Two new powerful Stimulants target different receptors allowing your other burned out ones to rest.
It’s the kind of focus where the only thing you care about is absolutely obliterating your next set and working every last muscle fiber involved. It does not contain any unnecessary ingredients such as sugars, carbohydrates, or artificial dyes.
The body is highly adaptable and the world doesn’t need another pre-workout drink with their own “Proprietary Blend” of the same ingredients.
Due to the potency of this pre-workout product, it?s highly recommended to assess tolerance by using a 1 scoop serving. The ingredients in ProEndorphin have been shown to brighten your mood while helping to push you through your hectic day or your tough workout. Yet, I have come to one inevitable conclusion with all of the store bought brand pre-workouts, they are all more trouble than they are worth. Okay, so I have seen some decent gains while using these, usually stacked with other supplements. I have cut sugar out of my coffee and tea, I don’t really enjoy sweets, and I have quit drinking sodas.
It is either too subtle (5-Hour Energy) or far too strong (Advocare Spark) and makes me jitter off the bench.
The jitters and sugar crash will surely stay with you the entire time, but the explosive energy some of them offer is usually gone in under an hour.

Or, for example, if I wanted to get a good workout done in the afternoon before a family dinner, I will either have to skip my pre-workout, or go to dinner all jittery and cracked out.
Then, when you stop the pre-workouts, you usually lose everything you gained, plus some, because you have to learn to workout without them again. I have found that, when mixed with 5 bags of regular green tea, the sleepy time tea adds a mild anti-anxiety effect, calming some of the jitters and nervousness brought upon by all the caffeine. The health benefits for honey are that it allows a slower release of glucose into the blood than most other sugars. SuperSize fights your body’s natural adaptation to common pre-workout ingredients by combining innovative, new, and clinically studied ingredients that are proven to work.
But SuperSize is radically Different by Design, and always delivers when your favorite pre-workout stops working for you.
This precise mix give you purpose-driven energy without the crash and without excessive amounts of caffeine. Those time tested ingredients work, but what do you do when they stop working as well for you.
Some individuals may find 1, 2 or 3 scoops per serving is the ideal dose for Maximum Energy, Strength, and Training Power. The store bought pre-workout’s can work very well for short term gains in cycles, but I find that the problems with them far outweigh the benefits when taking them long term. I take B-Vitamins with my regular daily vitamin intake, but will no longer take them in any drink or powdered form in the amounts that try and imitate caffeine. My tea has now transformed into a super infused, all natural, power house concoction of a drink. On top of that, the chamomile has natural anti inflammatory effects and keeps mosquito’s away if your exercising outside. SuperSize fights your body’s natural adaptation to common pre-workout ingredients by combining innovative, new, and clinically studied ingredients that are proven to work.
When I drink this stuff, I don’t ache, I get manageable, enduring energy that lasts for hours, I notice extreme mental clarity and I feel wonderful after my workout. I am confident that 90% of what store bought pre-workout actually do is just give you a sugar rush. ProEndorphin’s refreshing citrus flavored effervescent formula was designed to increase energy levels and sustain endurance, giving you the competitive edge. Try taking just the supplement, without the pink lemonade drink mix flavoring, and I think you will be shocked by the results.
Proven to be both safe and effective, ProEndorphin delivers the energy, stamina and endurance to make your next workout the best workout of your life. Complex 400 mg ProEndorphin Ingredients: Citric Acid, Glucose, Beta Cyclodextrins, Natural Orange, Lemon and Lime Flavor.

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