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A team of researchers may have taken a large step towards designing the optimal synbiotics for gut health as a new screening study reveals the best match between pre- and probiotics. Screening of 7 commercially available prebiotics and 6 commercially available probiotics revealed, for example, that short-chain fructooligosaccharide (sc-FOS) prebiotics increased the growth of Bifidobacterium lactis BI-07 more than the other prebiotics.Scientists from Increnovo LLC (Wisconsin), NIZO food research (The Netherlands), and Chemi-Source, Inc. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Conducting a clinical trial in the health nutrition industry can be an intimidating process. Remove the non-legalised term ‘probiotics’, and use the name of the strain of probiotics or simply use the words 'bio live' or 'live'. Delivery systems could also play an important role in food and drinks and ensure a more efficacious product. The Need for Fair Trade Agricultural PracticesIn the global economy, where agricultural and wild harvested commodities move rapidly across oceans and international borders, the harvesters and farm laborers are the last persons to profit. The least that can be done for them is to pay them a living wage, to provide education for them and their families, while allowing them to live with dignity and health – that is the essence and promise of Fair Trade. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for economic justice for these hard-working laborers. The process of changing long-held practices, or proving to international non-governmental organizations that a company treats its farmers and laborers according to Fair Trade practices can be costly and take considerable time over an extended period. Plus, while it is the intent of many companies to pursue such certification, many are already complying with the standards because… it is the right thing to do!Sales of Fair Trade products have been growing in the double digits for over five years.Brazil Products Company is in the process of certifying its Fair Trade practices, which has been the hallmark of its operations from its beginning.

Sales growth will be driven primarily by three countries, the US, Brazil and China, which will witness constant value growth of over $300m.Chobani brand grows $1bn globally between 2010-2012A variety of products are driving global growth. In light of the legalisation of article 13.1 in December 2012, there are three strategies available to companies wanting to retain a health positioning.
The first approach works for the likes of Activia’s Bifidus Actiregularis or Yakult’s Lactobacillus casei Shirota where consumers are knowledgeable about the intended benefit of the product. 10 which have gained digestive claims are: Activated charcoal, barley grain fibre, oat grain fibre, rye fibre, wheat bran fibre, biotin, calcium, chloride, lactulose and prunes. Microencapsulating technologies are expected to be used more frequently in food and drinks products, following the Costa Rican range of inLine ice cream.
Recent launches include HJ Heinz Co’s Golden Circle Healthy Life juice in Australia and The Good Belly Company’s probiotic coconut water in the US. There are definitely several approaches that can be taken to redress the curve as mentioned herein. Working long hours in difficult environments, often far from medical facilities, schools, running water, and clean sanitation, these often workers lead lives of quiet desperation eking out a living for themselves and their families.
A typical coffee bean picker, for example, makes less in a 14-hour work day in oppressive heat, than a customer pays for a single cup of expresso served in an air-conditioned cafe. They are demanding that the products they buy are produced by companies employing Fair Trade practices. While certification can be an important endeavor, companies firmly on that path need an interim method to demonstrate their commitment to Fair Trade.

The huge success of the Greek yoghurt brand Chobani is driving sales in the US – the brand saw retail value sales of $1.4bn in 2012 – while growing awareness of nutrition is propelling interest in emerging markets.
The second approach to go ‘live’ is softer but still allows the company to retain the association with probiotics and their intended benefit. Developing more advanced delivery systems also opens the possibility of gaining an authorised health claim.
As such, there is no reason to dispute the future success of probiotics outside of the EU.Diana Cowland is a health and wellness analyst at Euromonitor International. In my opinion, that would be the panorama if companies do nothing, but I think that is unlikely to happen. The present crisis is a good opportunity for industries to take a look at advantageous strategies. Manufacturers with digestive products in the EU should therefore look to innovate through reformulation, changing marketing strategies or looking to move into new markets.

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