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The Strange Love of Molly Louvain is one of those movies that reminds you that ain’t easy to be a woman, especially one whom everyone expects the worst of. Unfortunately, rich boy immediately dumps her when it becomes convenient and before he finds out that he knocked her up. A third of the way in and the film finally kicks on as Jimmy and Molly hide out in a crummy boarding house. The first chunk of the movie is a romantic tragedy in slow motion as the well-intentioned Molly just makes bad decision after bad decision. Unsurprising for a Warner Brothers flick, the film is absolutely awash in immorality, with the entire system tilted against Molly and her lower class friends. Ann Dvorak has the unfortunate task of trying to keep pace with Tracy, and, like him, relies on her best assets to keep the audience’s interest.
Dvorak and Tracy would also appeared together in Love is a Racket with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
At one point, Molly Louvain sarcastically claims responsibility for the murder of William Desmond Taylor, a Hollywood director whose unexplained death was a turning point in scandalizing the movie colony. The Production Code Administration had some objections to the amount of skin visible in Ann’s disrobing scenes early in the film, and cautioned against some of the double entendres in the exchanges between Dvorak and Tracy, but overall The Strange Love of Molly Louvain seems to have reached the theaters with only minimal cuts. TCMDB talks about the movie at the crossroads of Lee Tracy and Ann Dvorak’s careers, two stars whose stock would peak in the early 1930s. In 1932, a vivid actress with soulful eyes and a cello voice exploded onto movie screens as a gangster’s tragic sister in Scarface. Based on a play, Tinsel Girl, by Maurine Dallas Watkins, who wrote the 1927 Broadway hit Chicago (1927), the second half of The Strange Love of Molly Louvain shares Chicago’s cynicism about crime, criminals, and the press that is at odds with the romantic melodrama of the early part of the film. Ferdy on Film enjoyed Lee Tracy and Dvoark’s team up and calls it a prelude to a screwball comedy.
When the film plays the mother love card, it descends straight into weepy territory, the power of which overcomes even Scotty’s detachment. Gotta love a good Ann Dvorak pre-code.  She gives it her all in Molly Louvain and makes a movie with an average story one worth seeing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
These photos were taken by a friend of mine in 2006 of her newer Mattel version of Samantha (on the left) and her Pleasant Company Samantha (on the right).
American Girl dolls made before 1991 had white cloth bodies where as the newer dolls have skintone colored cloth bodies and only Kirsten, Samantha and Molly were made with the white bodies. The original dolls (first made in 1986) had tags that said Made in Germany and were made by Goetz.

Even though Mattel purchased the company in 1998, dolls continued to have the Pleasant Company stamp on the back of their necks for years to come. If anyone has a Pre-Mattel and Mattel version of the same doll and would like to do a side by side comparison, we’d love to share it!
Char, if you sit Felicty on her belly and hit her head (lightly) eyelash come back and if you sit her up it goes back the way it was (broken)? I’ve never acctually seen a PM doll in person, so I can’t say which I like better! We Love Our ReadersWe love it when you join the discussions by leaving a comment on Doll Diaries!
One Last Thing…Doll Diaries and its creator are in NO WAY affiliated with American Girl, Mattel, My Twinn, or any other manufacturer.
Magazine Pre-GRAMMY Party at the Sound Nightclub on February 7, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Once dancer tells the story of two women who got an apartment together and are quite happy that way. We’re talking Night Nurse levels of getting randomly and consistently undressed here. Molly is the girl at the cigarette counter in an Iowa hotel who manages to land a rich guy at long last. Left to the wolves, she picks charming scoundrel Nicky over dull Jimmy and goes on a life of wounded carefree countenance. While Jimmy has money and a future as a doctor under his belt, Scotty has his own grit and toughness– he can and will survive whatever is thrown at him. The chief of police and Scotty are more than happy to use a mother’s instinct to care for and protect her young daughter to ensnare a woman who, as far as they know, is at best an accomplice to a crime.
This Marxian brand of anarchy in the face of the ultra serious (and ultimately completely wrong) police force is a welcome relief and a nice portrayal of the fourth estate as not an army of organized crusaders beating back government overreach, but as a band of lunatics who keep the poor public servants on their toes. It isn’t a motormouth delivery, though, but her big, expressive eyes that carry her along. Her deep, striking voice and big eyes are riveting, and she has a sense of hard luck built into her. For a photo shoot to promote the film, studio photographer Elmer Fryer posed Ann in a skimpy dress with a champagne glass that may have been full of the real stuff. It was one of eight films featuring Ann Dvorak that year, including her first leading role for Warner Bros., The Strange Love of Molly Louvain.
Will Molly, set to face prison for a crime she never knew was happening, find freedom and happiness with Scotty and Ann Marie?

But, with due respect for the zealous efforts of Lee Tracy and Ann Dvorak, this film is both wearying and unsavory. Mattel versions of Samantha and Josefina on a site that I had before I started Doll Diaries.
I think it may have to do with English speakers being confused by the umlaute (I have actually met some). Just remember, if you are under 13, you need to get parent permission before leaving a comment. Three years go by before she snaps out of it, turning to taxi dancing and giving her child up to a loving foster mother before getting stuck in an incident involving Nicky killing a cop and Louvain being fingered for part of the blame. Jimmy reappears after a jump, and the movie seems headed for a straight shooter happy ending before Tracy pops in, essentially picking up the picture and shaking it to life. Jimmy plays that coveted bonehead role where his romantic infatuation overwhelms his common sense. Director Michael Curtiz gives Dvorak plenty of silent closeups where we’re allowed to soak in the feelings of terror and frustration that Louvain is enduring, which are really only undercut by the sheer enormity of the number of scenes of Dvorak shimmying in and out of lingerie.
It’s too bad that The Strange Love of Molly Louvain remains only a glimpse of her talent rather than the beginning of something great. The resulting images are striking , with Ann appearing more seductive and uninhibited than she would in any other photos taken during the course of her career.
Once I looked at the information again, I decided it was time I share it again in case any of you were interested or needed help identifying an older American Girl doll.
Oh, and Dvorak suffers through a bad dye job for the second half of the movie that is definitely one of those things that probably sounded like a better idea on paper. The photos from this session, in which Ann looks more than a bit tipsy, are the embodiment of the pre-Code female. He makes a jaunty entrance, in robe and pajamas, sliding into the boarding house room where Molly is hiding out, answering the phone and having a staccato conversation in his Bugs Bunny voice. I even still own the original books, which only have Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly pictured in the back, since that was the whole line-up back then. Site owner has the right to delete any and all comments or any part of a comment that is not kind or appropriate.
I like the old cover art better, although I wish they had expanded the series sooner because I really enjoyed the Addy books as well.

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