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Rich in essential fatty acids and protein, adding almond milk to your homemade protein shake is a healthful way to boost calcium content and nutritional value.
Before you fill up your grocery cart with the ingredients in the recipes that follow, you'll need to make sure you've got a sturdy blender on hand. Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until you get a thick, but foamy consistency (about two minutes).
Enjoy almond milk in smoothies and protein shakes without the saturated fat or cholesterol of dairy. Here you can find all the answers you need in order to find out what should you choose between a protein powder and a weight gainer.
Another combination of protein and carbohydrates, except this one has a proportion of 2:1 protein to carbs.

As for the verdict, it’s pretty obvious that we’ll always recommend protein powder! A massive fitness enthusiast who tries to keep his health in peak condition, with particular interest in protein supplements and workouts. Made of ground almonds and water, almond milk contains no lactose, making it a popular vegetarian and vegan alternative to dairy milk.
Additionally, the recipes call for whey protein powder, which is readily available at any health food store or grocer. Blackberries contain two grams of protein per cup, while raspberries contain about 1.5 grams protein in a cup. In addition, almond milk boasts a high nutritional scorecard compared to its vitamin D counterpart, which contains four times as many calories and almost three times as much fat per serving.

Low in carb and calorie content, almond milk is also safe for those who are lactose intolerant since it lacks casein.
A great way to refuel post-workout, or as a healthy snack between meals, protein shakes made with almond milk can pack a powerful nutritional punch. Whether your protein-shake regimen is meant for weight control, muscle gain, or both, incorporating almond milk can be a healthful and delicious way to mix it up. Of course, we should mention that it’s way easier to drink a shake right after your workout, than opt for a post-workout meal.

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