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Phil Heath has gone out of his way to criticize the one figure in bodybuilding that seemed untouchable, but it will not effect his future as the reigning four-time Mr.
The first salvo was fired by Heath in a video posted by NPC News Online when Frank Sepe asked him about Schwarzenegger’s wide midsection comments.
We politely disagree and feel that the longtime fans are the ones who have been complaining about this the most and obviously longer than the ones who were not even born until after Dorian Yates – the first massive Mr. That is debatable, as Dexter Jackson (the winner of the 2015 Arnold Classic and on four prior occasions) did get the nod in 2013 with a distended gut and Heath has also been criticized for having one at times, as well.
Heath has deservedly been taking some flak for the last remark on the various bodybuilding websites and leave it up to Muscular Development’s Bob Cicherillo to avoid the topic by joining the attack on Schwarzenegger.

It appears that a good majority of the industry has turned their collective backs on Schwarzenegger not because he complained about the waistlines on the competitors (which he has done in the past without the same fallout), but because he took it up a notch by putting it directly on the judges and Manion and telling media outlets to do the same. Borkow66 - Pi? Wrz 30, 2011 11:58 amSylwetka przypomina mi Flexa z najlepszych czasow, Generalnie w pelni zasluzone zwyciestwo nowego dominatora Olympii. Phil Heath feels he isn’t going to get paid as much by doing an Arnold Classic compared to Mr. Dexter Jackson won the Arnold Classic by bringing a puny waist and muscles massive everywhere else. The rest of Dexter’s competitors competing at the Arnold Classic did NOT achieve this, therefore they did NOT beat Dexter Jackson.

By no means do I favor anyone without hearing the facts or the exact words being used especially since Phil’s words were on camera.

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