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We are the dogpioneers and we are working to create a more inclusive enviroment that breaks down traditional boundaries of dog breeding, making the benefits of (responsible) dog ownership more widely available. Of all the recognized pure breeds and rare molosser type dogs, we chose to own and breed South African Boerboels. A South African Boerboels’ temperament is one of the most breed's prized characteristics of the breed. The fact of the matter is Boerboels are like other X type of dogs in many ways, but the amount of power they possess makes their superior in many respects. The South African Boerboel (AKC SABT) puppies we breed and dogs we raise are handled daily by our family so that they develop strong bonds to humans from birth. Boerboel dog-puppies have an excellent foundation and will grow into well trained adults, with the temperament that made the Boerboel breed famous in its homeland of South Africa. In order to breed the best South African Boerboel dogs-puppies you must begin with the best South African Boerboel bloodlines. Plus our South African Boerboel dog-puppies are family and they get the best handling, love, and care that we have to offer. We raise and train all of our dogs-puppies so that they can complete and compete a variety of tasks and activities. Training your South African Boerboel puppy dog is also critical for its mental development.
They are both a family member and a family protectora€¦ kind of sounds like a Labrador huh.
Given their size and muscular build it does not take much for them to knock someone down.
Our Boerboels stem from bloodlines known to produce big, strong, beautifull, and functional South African Boerboels dogs. As Boerboel breeders selection is of the utmost importance in order to keep the Boerboel breed true to form. If you look at our Boerboel dogs-puppies you will notice that we keep excessive weight off of our dogs-pups. By this I mean selecting based on the a€¦ The South African Boerboel breed has long been the most complete mastiff breed.

After discovering the South African Boerbeol breed we were drawn to idea of bringing the breed to the U.S.
To see South African Boerboel puppies dogs pets we produced in the past visit our produced page.
When we decided to get into South African Boerboel breeding it was because we loved the dogs and wanted to provide our friends family members with this magnificent majestic breed. This website will provide you with all the information you will need if you are considering the South African Boerboel breed. Through our website we will share with you everything you need to know to become a knowledable, and responsible dog owner, and a South African Boerboel Breeder if you desire. However, strangers and trespassers will activate this dogs’ natural protective instincts.
A Because the Boerboel is big athletic and capable of intense ferocity they can be extremely dangerous in the hands irresponsible owners. When we decided to begin breeding Boerboels we wanted the classic balanced temperament type of Boerboel, calm and discerning, but we also wanted our dogs to have an imposing looka€”with well-developed and defined muscles, thick and heavy bones, a wide chest, and a large head capable of reaching moderate speeds but with the stamina and endurance to work all day.
A We select our South African Boerboels based on overall quality versus any one single trait or characteristic.
This is because we are constantly challenging our South African Boerboels to excel through training and dog sport activities.
Additional South African Boerboel dogs can be seen on our studs (male) page and dams (female) page. Since then our goals have not waivered we are still committed to breeding for friends and families. Remember dogs, like humans have emotions, can sense pain, and they do understand fair and equal treatment. I hope my website becomes a platform that changes the way we, in the United States and globally, think about purebred dog breeding and ownership. Our South African Boerboel (AKC SABT) dogs-puppies come from the highest quality South African Boerboel bloodlines. Because we are committed to quality before acquiring our breeding Boerboels we examine as many close relatives that we can find (We did not go out and get any 2 boerboel dogs and breed them just to produce boerboel puppies).

The energy level of a growing South African Boerboel puppy can be tremendous and a force to reckoned with. As humans it is our responsibility to treat animals with respect and not inflict pain and suffering. Boerboels can be 200 lbs of pure muscle, that is too much dog to be hyper and out of control, and exercise is key to not only conditioning physique but maintaining their positive and upbeat mood.
The original Boerboel dogs, our first generation, are all from the premier breeders in South Africa and they were selected because they had the healthest genetic value of the South African Boerboel breed. The South African Boerboel is the most athletic and healthy (least prone to illnes) of all mastiff dogs.
Our dogs had to be capable of producing pups that would further enhance this magnificent guardian breed. Our dogs-puppies eat a species appropriate diet that consisting of raw meat and fresh veggies. We have developed some creative ways to relieve our Boerboel puppies-dogs of their energy. Each of our breeding stock was meticulously chosen with an emphasis on overall health and temperament and from the original elite we have built champion Boerboel bloodlines. Not only do we have champion South African Boerboel bloodlines, we feed our dogs the appropriate diet so that all of our Boerboel dogs-puppies can reach their full potential. Breeding true to the champion Boerboel bloodlines our puppies-dogs carry this athletic attribute. Implementing exercises that allow them to burn off steam will help to keep your Boerboel puppy or dog quiet, happy, calm and relaxed is part of the key to our success as (AKC SABT) South African Boerboel breeders.
Our South African Boerboel dogs are trained and exercised properly so that they don’t bark uncessarily or behave poorly.

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