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In order to find the right training and to perform the exercises properly, it is important to know what are the abdominal muscles. Ab muscles are different from the other muscles as they are postural ones that support the spine and keep the stability of the torso. While we train our legs, biceps or chest once or twice week to see results, abs can be and should be trained more often to see results.
Moreover, you have to understand that, by doing one sort of exercise such crunches or sit-ups, it is impossible to train all the four abdominal muscles at once. Now let’s see the region of abdomen separately and what sorts of workouts are the best for them. This is the biggest muscle that covers the stomach and the one that we can turn to six pack. The lower abs can be trained with the following exercises the best: leg or knee raise, reverse crunch, normal or bench sit-ups, plank or even using an ab slide equipment.

Best internal and external oblique exercises are crossover crunch, Russian twist and various side planks. Within the workout section, you can find a wide range of exercises which you can use to train all the 4 parts of the abdomen effectively. Keeping your midsection flexed does not really help to get rid of belly fat, but it surely helps to strengthen the abdomen. Sara Sherlock aka GymDwellingDiva’s Transformed Her Body & Relationship With Food! Superdrug’s Online Doctor tapped female graphic designers in 18 countries to edit a photo of a woman based on what they think is deemed beautiful in their own territory.
These are the rectus abdominis, the external and internal obliques and the transverse abdominis. There are some harder ones such as hanging leg raising and  body weight abdominal exercises.

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In most of the cases, there is no need to use weights since bodyweight exercises offer enough resistance for training.

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