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Anyway, I will admit here that I did cheat once and eat some fast food, so while I love Paleo, it is a bit hard if you’re pressed for time or you want to eat RIGHT THEN. So last week I gave you my Paleo Week One Meal Plan, and if you missed it, feel free to go back to that post and pin it to your Pinterest so you can refer back to it frequently!
It’s just like Practical Paleo in that it’s filled with tons of great Paleo recipes, and I mean, who can really refuse more recipes?!

I was blown away by the prices and truly couldn’t believe I walked out with a cart full of produce and other groceries for only $30!
I’ve been a bit busy this month already, doing lots of stuff with my Princess and growing my business and blog as much as I can. Like last week, any recipes marked with (*) mean they are from the amazing Practical Paleo book (pretty much a must-have for Paleo eaters), and if you have questions about any of the other recipes, though most are pretty simple, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you right away!

You’ll also notice that there are no snacks included on this meal plan, but I have to admit that I love snacking and grazing pretty much all day, so I also compiled a list of Paleo-friendly snacks for you!

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