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The menu plan is very quick and easy — and I’m sure some of you might find it way too simple and boring.
I also incorporated our weekly dinner out into the plan as well as a once-a-week treat of a smoothie from Starbucks.
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Our 15 year old son used the P90X recovery drink over the summer when he was doing basketball and football boot camps at school (2-3 hours at each, one morning and one evening – every day for 6 weeks). A salesperson at GNC told us that you could actually replicate the same effect with other supplements (creatine and glutamine, I think). I used chocolate milk last time around, but I found that I was feeling pretty wasted in the afternoons, so I’m trying a real recovery drink this time around to see if that helps me feel more energetic. I’m all about easy these days and your menu looks fabulous for even someone not doing P90x. Undoubtedly, the part of P90X that we are fearfully anticipating most is the nutrition plan. Theplan assumes that you are a fairly fit person (ie you can pass the fit test), so the weight assumption is based on the fact that you have a good amount of muscle already. We’re going by the portion approach, where each level is given a certain number of servings of each food group (see portions below), and we are free to pick from the items on the grocery list and create our own menus.
We purchased two huge packages of egg whites, a massive frozen veggie package, a couple pounds of fresh asparagus, mustard, a block of cheddar cheese, two huge containers of cottage cheese (they only had 2% so we’ll only eat ? cup instead of 1 cup), and huge box of lettuce. Following the Costco run, I made a separate trip to the store to pick up things like fruit (since we only get 1 and 2 pieces a day, we didn’t want to buy in bulk), cashews, almonds, string cheese, low fat salad dressings, assorted fresh veggies for salads and omelets, feta cheese, sweet potatoes, and frozen fruit bars (one of the approved single-portion snacks to help satisfy the aforementioned sweet tooth!) We already had things at home like brown rice and whole wheat couscous which we plan to use as our lone carb of the day.
The plan is to chop up the precooked chicken and ham and store 6 and 3 oz servings in Tupperware for easy use. Will also be interested to learn more about how you used P90X in addition to training for distance. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It has been about 1 year since I was first introduced to P90x… and I have yet to blog about the P90x Nutrition Plan! For more complete information with smart fast food choices from the above fast food restaurants and Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Chick-Fil-A — CLICK HERE! About AnotherMariaCalifornia health care professional that enjoys sharing information with others. OKSistah January 12, 2010 at 10:03 pm Have you had difficulty consuming the amount of calories required? Aaron Stone February 11, 2010 at 3:58 pm You all are crazy, much respect for the level of effort. Aisa November 12, 2011 at 2:52 am I am just done with week eight and I have messed up the nutrition plan since day 1.
My husband and kids are eating a similar diet, but I’m throwing in extra fruits and veggies and carbs for them.

However, I knew that if I planned meals that required hours of work, thought and effort, I’d be setting myself up for failure. If you wanted to follow a similar menu but reduce the costs, you could substitute these items for homemade foods. In fact, I felt a lot more energetic — though that may have just been because of exercising more and getting back to getting up early again. I’m so inspired by all of you and your commitment to getting more exercise this month!
I’m aiming for a green smoothie everyday and for half of my plate to be greens at every meal.
I have an early riser (often at 6am) so it’s hard for me to get up and do anything before her. I love the P90X recovery drink, it really works and is very cheap, and the Energy & Endurance drink is great for pre workout, and of course Shakeology. Although Mike and I typically eat healthy, our meals tend to be pretty carb-heavy, as we mostly eat for endurance. I read that if you don’t have a lot of muscle and your weight is mostly made of fat, you may want to cut back on the calories.
Mike and I are both physically fit and we are used to working out five or even six times a week, but we are not used to being on such a restrictive diet. Download the attachment below for an easy way to track portions and calories on the P90X Nutrition Plan!
I’m coming back around to P90X for the second time, and the first time around it was definitely the nutrition part that I struggled with!!!
I'm a runner, triathlete, Ironman and fitness lover living at the beach in San Diego who made a big lifestyle change in 2011 with the help of P90X. P90x’s Nutrition Guide contains tons of detailed information on how you should approach your nutrition during their intense 90 day program. P90x says that you should NOT exceed one fast food meal per day and only a few times a week. Maria is a healthcare professional who loves trying and sharing information about the latest beauty, fitness, health, and entertainment products.
A typical home cooked dinner for us would be whole wheat pasta covered with marinara sauce mixed with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and lean chicken sausage, oftentimes served with a salad. We love pad thai, pizza, and massive pollo asada burritos, which we probably enjoy two or more times a week. The meal plan, however, seems very expensive to follow because it requires you to make your own soups and salad dressings that require a significant amount of ingredients.
Ideally, we’ll shop each week on Sunday and get a lot of the food prepared in advance so that we’re not spending so much time during the week.
Thankfully, the second phase incorporates more carbohydrates and less protein so it should be more affordable and more enjoyable. I also enjoy reading about your experience and seeing what is possible with some serious effort. It’s really hard when you are constantly surrounded by delicious (yet fattening) Mexican and Puerto Rican food! What I like about their Quick Options section is that they list some quick dishes that you could make at home.

I’m taking Sundays off and will eat similar to the plan, but give myself a little breathing room and not adhere to it so strictly. I’ll be moving onto Phase II in a few weeks, and then I get to add more carbs back in.
Another favorite, “chicken rice” is basically grilled chicken, a large quantity of stir fry veggies, brown rice, and some sort of sauce. We both drink coffee daily and we have wine or beer 1-3 nights per week, but rarely more than 3 glasses. I created a pretty complicated Excel spreadsheet in order to track our daily food group allotments and calculate our calories for each day (I’ll upload my spreadsheet for others to download in a separate blog). For now, I’m enjoying the idea of the challenge of cutting out some of my vices (ok all of them – caffeine, diet soda, sweets AND alcohol). Not only that, I’ve been frequenting fast food joints regularly because of my hectic schedule.
They also recommend a variety of convenient frozen foods such as Amy’s Kitchen, Cedarlane Natural Foods, and the usual (obvious) choices like Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, etc.
It stresses me out because I haven’t been getting the desired results although I am still better than before. For lunches, we eat sandwiches or salads (well I eat salads) and for breakfast, usually oatmeal or cereal with a half or whole banana.
I’d say my main nutrition downfall is my addiction to sweets – namely, frozen yogurt, chocolate and 100-calorie pack cookies. I’ve given up diet coke for lent twice and survived…but the rest, never!  Ask me in a week and I may be singing a different tune!
I mostly snack on fruit, almonds, string cheese, or carrots & hummus throughout the day. Although I don’t have massive quantities of dessert daily, I have to have something sweet after most meals. I also found that when I input the level 1 portions into the my spreadsheet, it calculated that I’d be eating only 1,800 calories per day. And finally for Phase 3 Endurance Maximizer you can eat chicken, turkey or beef with the whole bun or bread. For me, it’s cutting back on dessert!Each of the three workout phases is accompanied by its own nutrition plan.
Honestly, 2,300 seems like A LOT of calories for me, especially since I don’t even typically eat this many while training for my half marathon (well obviously the days we go out to eat I go over), so I am aiming for closer to 2,000. The P90x Nutrition Plan also has specific limits on how much calories, fat, and sodium you should consume for each meal based on your nutrition level. Phase 1: Fat Shredder, is made up of primarily protein, a small amount of dairy and veggies, and a very, very small quantity of fruit, refined (whole wheat) carbohydrates, fats, and condiments. In order to get to 2,000 in phase 1, I am allowing myself an additional serving or two of veggies, as well as an additional condiment.
Level 1 can eat 1,800-2,399 calories per day, Level 2 2,400-2,999, and Level 3 3,000 + calories per day.

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