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Our televisions, magazines, newspapers and the internet have been inundated with commercials promoting the wonderful effects of testosterone for the male libido. For a doctor to place a man, or even a young boy on testosterone therapy, a physical examination and blood tests are required, along with a complete medical history. Knowing Testosterone can only be purchased by prescription, many people may ask how over-the-counter (OTC) supplements of testosterone, or T-boosters are allowed to be sold.
It is important to remember that the ingredients in OTC supplements are not always regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Basically, it comes down to a question of the effectiveness of these OTC supplements on the testosterone level, and the truth of the claims being touted by the manufacturer.

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Occasionally, increased muscle mass, feelings of well-being and increased stamina are also touted. Many people may not realize it, but testosterone is a controlled substance in the United States. The only thing that can truthfully be said for testosterone boosting supplements is that someone is making a pile of money, and it's not the guy that's shelling it out.

Normal testosterone levels, commonly referred to as the "T-level" are based on laboratory tests, and usually are reported in nanograms per deciliter. This can lead to some substances in these supplements interacting negatively with prescribed medications a man may be taking. Most of those using the supplement today are misguided victims of the food supplement industry.

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