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Early Response Time in Sexual Activity and Mood Following Testosterone Gel Replacement in Hypogonadal Males from the TestimA® START Study.
Testosterone pills are oral forms of testosterone boosters and are used to make up for the lack of testosterone hormones in the body.
These pills are used by people for different purposes like for boosting their sex drives or for increasing their levels of energy.
Once low testosterone levels are documented in a symptomatic man, testosterone replacement therapy may be started.

On the other hand, herbal supplements help boost testosterone production without the side effects of replacement therapy.
One has many options available, like testosterone gels, testosterone creams and testosterone pills, out of which the oral pills are most common.
As is always recommended, a personalized treatment and comprehensive care plan should be designed in consultation with a trusted board certified physician, even when considering the use of over the counter products for treating acne. This article is meant for educational purposes only and not intended to substitute for sound medical care, serve as medical advice or to represent as a sole guide to treatment.

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