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One of the most common physical complaints from sitting at the computer is neck pain and headaches.
The following stretches are just examples of several neck exercises whose aim is to stretch those muscles at the back of the neck that often get strained by the forward head position.  All of these exercises should be performed at least three times daily for best results. In addition to the useful information in this blog we also have additional Ergonomic Advice on our website. Ergoprise: is a certified, woman-owned, multi-brand provider of high quality office, mobile, and industrial ergonomic tools located in Austin, Texas. Next loosen up your shoulders to get rid of the ache, increase flexibility and add strength. Relieve the tired and lethargic feeling you get in your legs with ankle and calf stretches. The culprit of that pain than can become chronic 20 or 30 years down the road is not as much the awkward positions we contort our upper halves into, but the length of time we hold them in that position. A study published in the British Dental Journal reported that nearly 30% of premature retirements of dentists surveyed were due to musculoskeletal disorders. The idea that “proactive” measures are much better than “reactive” is something students hear roughly 500 times over 10 different courses, and it applies here!
Also, adding physical activity to your daily routine, such as sports or yoga, can activate unused muscles or stretch out the tightened muscles. Naturally, while focusing on supporting our families, friends, classmates and goals during dental school, it is easy to overlook the loyal support we depend on to make our careers possible, so remember… give back to your back!
About Kathryn DickmannKathryn is a rising third year student at UD Mercy School of Dentistry and the Fundraising Chair for District 6.
I highly encourage you to heed the advice on doing these exercises in caring for your body in a regular way, and in addition seeking out the care of a structural and corrected based chiropractor to help undo the damage that can be caused in the process of caring for others.
Absolutely find a chiropractor in your area to make sure that you are able to function at your best to perform in your awesome new profession at your best for the rest of your life. Individuals who spend the majority of their day sitting at the desk have all no doubt felt the effects of sitting for prolonged periods whilst performing repetitive tasks.
Slowly taking your neck through its range of motion (flexion & extension, rotation and side bending) can help to reduce stress and tension in those muscles attaching to the neck, upper back and shoulder girdle.

Sitting on your hand, gently pull the neck to the side with the opposite hand and hold this stretch.
If you would like to find out more about the deadlift and get some advice on a exercise program to suit your specific needs, be sure to see one of our Osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy.
Did you know there are a group of muscles at the base of the skull called the sub-occipital triangle that are known as “the headache ghosts?” These muscles when they become tight, due to a forward head and neck position, put pressure on nerves and blood supply that directly feeds the muscles of the head and neck. Please be gentle and discontinue and seek professional assistance from a physical therapist if these increase you pain level. Through our showroom, website, and sales team we offer a broad range of ergonomic products that have been selected to provide individuals with a comfortable working environment that delivers an excellent return on investment.
It's also a great time to get your muscles ready for your office workout with some stretches. But when it comes to beginning sim lab to do a crown prep, all that positioning tends to go right out the window. In the ADA’s Health Screening Program of 2012, 56.4% of participating dentists had musculoskeletal symptoms with 61% of the currently practicing dental professionals reporting pain, tingling,or numbness regularly.
In addition, taking the time to do counter poses and breaks from PSP in your daily routine can make a world of difference. In my 16 years of practice, I can say for certain that some of the most misaligned and degenerated spines that I have examined have been those healthcare workers including dentists. If you need help finding someone, contact my email and I would be more than happy to help you locate someone in your area with the network I am apart of. I have beem rehabilitating dentist for 20 years and have developed this program from them movements and exercises I have created. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. When sitting, you want to make sure the center of you inner ear aligns with the center of your shoulder keeping the center of mass over your spine. Maintaining a hunched over and tilted upper body position for hours a day puts a lot of demand on the body’s muscles.
The art of operator positioning is tough and there are times where you just can’t satisfy your spine and your patient at the same time.

As noted in the study published in the British dental Journal, I have in fact cared for several dentists that reported no longer practicing due to spinal related pain and discomfort. Healthcare workers seem to be the martyrs by putting themselves in awkward positions in order to take care of the other person, and dentistry healthcare workers are at the top of the list as they need the care the most from my experience. In this position there is very little strain on the neck muscles, however if you lean your head 2 cm forwards, it can feel like an additional 8 lbs.
Then clinic starts and you will do anything to feel like you can actually see or to avoid indirect vision. It is harder to maintain static positions than dynamic movements (which could also help explain why wall-sits and planks are the worst). And as many students may have heard when buying loupes, they do indeed help to improve posture. When the head, neck, and trunk are tilted to one side, as often done while working, the muscles in use on one side become shorter and stronger and the other side becomes lengthened and weakened. While we cannot help that our profession causes non ideal body positioning, remember there are actions to take to counter the effects of prolonged static postures. Keeping your focusing distance fixed prevents excessive bending and maintains a more neutral head and neck position. If you need assistance in your sitting posture, contact a physical therapist or an ergonomist in your area. The overall effect is muscle imbalance with the shortened muscles getting poorer blood supply, too. What was originally back and neck pain that occurred from time to time becomes more frequent, develops into a chronic pain, and ultimately a severe musculoskeletal disorder which can require surgery or early retirement!

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