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When you sit on a firmly inflated ball, you'll improve your balance and tone your core muscles from your desk. If you're worried about the ball being too roly-poly, and not having a back support to lean on, then check out Gaiam's BalanceBall Chair ($99). The ergonomics nazis at my work have banned these because apparently they're terrible for your back and most likely aren't the right height for you at your desk so you're putting your wrists at risk too. This reminds me of that episode on the Office when Dwight replaces his chair with an exercise ball and Jim pops it with scissors. While prolonged sitting increases compressive forces on the discs, there is no evidence that sitting on a swiss ball will reduce the occurrence of low back pain, or even improve "core" muscle activation. I'm pretty sure that if I brought in an exercise ball I'd be made fun of relentlessly though. The Captain's Chair is the second most effective ab exercise for targeting the rectus abdominis.
Merivict Murillo is a BA English graduate who has 5 years’ experience in writing SEO articles and press releases on various topics, including but not limited to automotive, business, health and lifestyle, travel and tourism. Sitting creates tight hips and hamstrings, causes a tight neck and shoulders, and often leads to back pain. It allows you to focus on keeping your spine long, and you can even use the fitness ball for wall squats or other exercises during the day. I know it's kind of pricey, but if it can prevent discomfort while you work, then isn't it worth it?

One day HR came and said it was against company policy and that she had to use a regular chair. I like sitting on it to bounce on but the problem is I would probably bounce too much and not be able to focus on working. The article I read says that it can be hard to maintain good posture and you can end up straining your back muscles and irritate your spinal nerves, but if you insist on using one for an office chair to sit with your knees above your butt and lean slightly back from the hips to avoid the straining. A few points:- It takes a while to develop the core & back strength to be able to sit on the ball all day.
I would rotate from a chair to a ball and sometimes I would get so restless that I would start bouncing really good on it and fall over. The initial upright posture is likely to be lost over a long period of sitting because there is no full seat and back support. If you sit at a desk all day, chances are you're not getting adequate exercise during the day.
Retrieved July 5, 2012 An exercise ball chair, also known as a fit ball chair, may help you work your core abdominal muscles.
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If you suffer from these ailments, ditch your regular office chair and replace it with an exercise ball ($27).
I caught A LOT of flack for it, and the damn peanut gallery here irritated the crap out of me SO much that I just gave up.

But sitting on the ball made me more aware of my posture so I kept my spine aligned properly.
It's only there for stability during certain exercises (meaning in the booklet of moves that come with the chair, only one uses the back for stability). While you are at your office desk, you can do many abdominal the pros and cons of using an exercise ball as a desk chair?
Ab Exercise Chair Manufacturers Ab Exercise Chair Suppliers Directory – Find a Ab Exercise Chair Manufacturer and Supplier. Merivict is not a movie fanatic, but The Fast and the Furious movies have been a great inspiration to her and now fuel her writing career in the automotive industry.
So, you can exercise the lower abdominal to get them flat at the office, home Workplace exercises: How to burn calories at work You may spend your workdays at a No.
Many people have, and say it's So they have to make the best use of the office hours to benefit from exercise.
I tossed mine.- You can eventually learn to slouch forward on them once you really get used to sitting on it.

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