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This product is such a convenient, quick and easy way to make sure you're getting vital nutrients when there is simply no time for a normal meal.
Innovation Thru Tradition: How Herbal-Based Ingredients Can Help Push Nutritional Supplement Sales - Robinson Pharma, Inc.
The combination of technology and traditional herbal ingredients has allowed the nutritional supplement industry as a whole to continue its expansion across the globe. Choose from our quality pre-established formulas for your own private labeling and supplement needs. However when I tried to order vanilla ensure complete I could not get my order to go through. Herbal ingredients found in nature have been utilized for thousands of years by different cultures in different parts of the world.
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Through a rise in personal health care, fueled by increasing costs of insurance and the desire to enact real lifestyle change by individuals, herbal supplements continue to rise in prominence as an everyday means of supporting greater health.
Although they may not have the same exponential yearly growth as some other hot-button supplements, they are reliable products that retailers should thoughtfully consider when looking to expand their product lines. Consumers are asking more questions about their own health and are willing to take the time and do the research to figure out what products they can trust, and which ones might work best for their general health. Number one on the list of top-selling herbal dietary supplements in the food, drug, and mass-market channel is the powerful antioxidant, cranberry, which generated over $65 million in sales in 2012.
Other popular herbs such as saw palmetto, garlic, soy, ginkgo, and milk thistle all generated over $20 million in sales annually. Other leaders in the natural channel include well-known ingredients such as aloe vera, commonly used for skin care, and horehound, a key ingredient used in throat lozenges. While both have showed consistent growth, it should be noted that combination formulas have recently outpaced single-ingredient supplements.

Consumers will continue to be attracted to combination formulas that promote a variety of health benefits.
However, single-ingredient formulas also perform well among customers who know exactly what they want and need for their daily health.
Due to rising medical costs, the connectivity of today’s world, and a growing middle-class segment around the world that is becoming more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, retailers have the opportunity to utilize the popularity of herbal supplements to open up new channels of revenue.
By marketing the nature-based aspect of herbal dietary supplements, retailers and distributors can steer customers towards finding the herbal formulas which suit their health needs the best.

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