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Our all-natural equine performance formulas offer the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help your horse perform at his very best.
Whether you live in the city or suburbs, a Massachusetts farmers’ market is not too far from you. At many farmers’ markets you will also find an array of other farm products, including baked goods, jams and jellies, maple products, honey, farmstead cheeses, flowers, turkey products, eggs and more!
NPI has the national coverage to get your products into convenience stores across the country; we also collaborate with you to create and implement customer targeted sales strategies aimed at penetrating the convenience store market. Each product is made with premium raw ingredients, and steadfast attention to detail ensuring both quality and consistency.

From spring until late fall, you can find local growers set up with their canopies and colorful displays of just-harvested fruits and vegetables in town squares, parks and other public spaces.
While much of the Convenience store industry is comprised of larger chains such as 7-11 or Circle K, there are independent convenience stores that consist of only a single location.
Our easy-to-use interactive Google map puts you just a click away from a farmers’ market near you. It also hosts "The Kitchen," with year-round programming that encourages a passion for regionally sourced food and appeals to a diverse audience.
Regardless of the size of the convenience store, the majority of C-stores will be supplied by one of five distributors: McClane, Eby-Brown, HT Hackney, and GSC Enterprises.

The Kitchen is a gathering place for all to share and learn about the healthy bounty of Massachusetts. It is the center of community education, programming and interaction, featuring engaging workshops and programs.

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