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Nutrition E-CoachingHelps you see where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. The nutrient content of your 3-day food diary is compared to your personal nutrient needs based on age, height, and weight.
Receive a computer-generated analysis of your favorite recipes, or fit your favorite recipe into your current diet with healthy modifications.
If you need medical nutrition therapy to manage diabetes or another medical condition mentioned above, your medical insurance may pay directly or reimburse you.

This material should not be used in place of medical care from a physician or other health care provider. Brandywine Area Nutrition is also a provider for Medicare, which currently covers diabetes and non-dialysis kidney disease. For more detailed, in-depth questions and individualized attention, making an appointment for in-office counseling will be more beneficial. If you have medical concerns, Brandywine Area Nutrition, LLC, advises you to seek individual care from a physician.

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