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This is a new program, so initially we would like to work directly with our partners and not through a third party. The other major reason is cost, all of the networks would charge some kind of start-up fee and an additional "over-ride" on all sales, effectively this is commission being taken from your pocket and into theirs.
We believe we have a robust system in place and you can always use it in conjunction with a third party tracking system if you want verification of our honesty.
Even though we won't be able to help you build your website or learn HTML, we've made linking to us easy!

As an active affiliate, you can also e-mail Kristina to receive a free affiliate consultation & for suggestions on which links would work best on your site.
If you would like help in giving you examples on how to do this to maximize your commission rewards, then, please contact Kristina. We have the technology available to us to make this possible, so until we have fully explored the medium it makes sense to keep it "in-house". We haven't seen this number of options offered elsewhere and are unsure whether external systems will support such a diversity.

This behavior is concerned as fraud and when identified, 2-tier commissions are cancelled for the offending associate. You can decide to have the data feed automatically emailed to you every week, or manually download it as often as you require.

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