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Health Benefits Of Beer Fat Free Low Calorie Beer is low on calories as compared to most other health drinks available there even orange juice. All Natural Beer is made from the best of natural ingredients that are brewed and processed without chemicals. Negative Effects of Beer Beer Belly A common problem that a lot of people suffer from because of beer is the pot belly or beer belly. Makes You Prone To Insect Bites Individuals who drink beer in large quantities are prone to alcohol indigestion. Leads To Liver Diseases Any form of alcohol taken in excessive quantities leads to health problems, especially liver related issues.
Causes Weight Gain Beer is an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day but the problem is that because it is economical, the portion served are much bigger.
Causes Heartburn Heartburn is a problem that a lot of people who drink regular beer experience.
In fact, one glass of orange juice has 150 calories as compared to 120 calories that beer has (packaged orange juice).

On the whole the brewing and boiling process of the beer is extensive, plus it is also cheaper than water in many countries.
It does have some alcohol content in it, but the intensity of the content is not very high. It is this natural process of making beer, which makes it just apt for your health, without any preservatives and chemicals.
Basically beer interferes with Antidiuretic hormone that helps to release water in the body. Also, since beer is made from natural ingredients it is technically fat free if you have the same in moderation.
If you have high cholesterol or suffer from related problems then have more of beer, which is rich in HDL or good cholesterol to strike the right balance for you. As a result, not only do you stay younger for a longer time but can also fight different heart diseases and cancer forms. Research shows that beer is low in calories but excessive drinking of any product causes weight gain.

Hence it is proven that those who drink more of beer are prone to mosquito bites along with diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. When you have it with fried and greasy foods then you are making the liver more susceptible to health problems.
Since you are getting too much of something at a throwaway price, you decide why not drink a little more. Hence individuals who tend to drink large amounts of beer do suffer from health issues related to the liver including cancer and acute liver damage.
When drinking the same on a regular basis, you may develop acid reflux or have acute gastritis. Also, wrong foods and snacks that accompany beer makes you gain weight without any exercise.

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