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Whether you’re looking for inexpensive vegetarian meal ideas or are just wanting to follow a semi vegetarian meal plan, this Vegetarian Meal Plan will help you create a menu that fits your family’s needs! Lots of people ask for help with how to plan a vegetarian meal, because they’re so used to eating meat that they end up scratching their head when it comes to vegetarian foods. Eggplant Parmesan (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free) - […] Be sure to check out my Vegetarian Meal Plan for the Year! Red White and Blue Drink Recipe - Slap Dash Mom - […] While you’re here, check out my Vegetarian Meal Plan for the Year!

Tazim - It’s is so helpful, and definitely will make people consider adding more vegetarian meals to their weekly plan. Don’t be afraid of the repetitive questions non-vegetarians will ask you, the animals will thank you for not eating them. Sit down each week with the ads from your local grocery stores, and plan your menu around sale items. Thank you so much for including my asparagus brie pierogies; we definitely loved them in my house!

Since becoming a vegetarian a little over a year ago, our dishes have gone to okay to AMAZING!
You’ve gotta think outside the box, but I promise there are many delicious quick and easy vegetarian meal ideas out there!

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