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If you are seeking a Austin Family Doctor, you should see a practitioner who has many years of experience and know how to provide excellent care when sick or injured.
It is important for patients to be comfortable through every part of their experience at the office.
If we find there is a medical issue outside of our training capabilities, we will work with you to help find a specialist who can meet your specific needs. Give us a call at 512-443-WELL (9355). Thank you for considering us and we look forward to meeting you in person! Side Effects of Low TestosteroneA decrease in men’s testosterone level is a natural function of aging. Start Your Weight Loss Program with a DetoxHave your resolutions to get healthy, from losing weight to eating right, fallen by the wayside? July 31, 2012 Leave a Comment Similar to women, when there’s a change in hormonal level, men is having menopause. A menopausal man must perform regular exercise in order to improve the symptoms of male menopause. Fennel is a type of vegetable with a licorice-like taste and usually used in Italian dishes. Natural remedies for andropause may work the same way as sort-bought solutions but the efficacy may take some time.
BPH treatment breaking news - the process of prostate enlargement can be reversed -- great for all men in America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia.
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In addition, Schaap also was being treated by a local urologist and his primary care physician for complications with his prostate, including chronic and acute prostatitis, as well as near-zero lithium levels in his blood, the memorandum stated. A proven Austin family doctor will communicate clearly and take the time to know each patient, which enables him to give the best care. Our office attitude is one that is always warm and welcoming, with your health as our number one priority. Yearly physicals create this sustainable foundation for healthcare, in addition to keeping the office open to urgent care patients when needed. For each year over age 30, the level of testosterone in men starts to slowly dip at a rate of around 1 percent annually (Mayo Clinic, 2012).
A well balanced diet should include lean meat, plant based proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, heart healthy foods and low fat dairy foods.
A study in 1996, published in the journal “Nutrition” try to discover the effects of serum zinc on the testosterone levels of healthy men and they found out that serum testosterone levels increased in men who have higher intakes of zinc. Austin Family Medicine has a history of confidence in all patients, as our staff works with you and ensures each patient’s health is a priority. Austin Family Medicine is pleased to offer patient care by Austin family practice doctors with years of demonstrated hands-on experience, certifications, and unique histories of medical practice. Our staff guarantees the shortest wait possible and will work with your schedule to make sure your appointment is at a convenient time for you and your busy life.  Your time is valuable, and we do not intend to waste precious minutes. In addition, the Mayo Clinic says that in male menopause there is decline in testosterone levels. These elderly men must engage in aerobic and resistance training activities added the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Eating healthy foods according to the American Dietetic Association does not only contribute in improving symptoms of andropause but improves overall quality of life.
Andropausal men can consume zinc from foods like crab legs, oysters, pork shoulder, cashews and chickpeas. However, prior to taking fennel supplements, men may consult their doctor regarding the pros and cons of taking fennel to relieve their symptoms.
This testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible in sperm production, sex drive in men and in maintaining muscle mass. Fennel supplements have possible side effects such as dermatitis, seizures and hallucinations.
According to a research in 1996 which is published in the journal “Metabolism,” they observe the effects of moderate physical activity on lutenizing hormone and testosterone levels in older men. Once men experience low levels of testosterone they will get easily tired or may experience fatigue, their sexual desire is lessened and they experience moodiness. Such research showed significant increase in testosterone levels after the men had finished exercising. In order to refrain or at least minimize the symptoms of andropause, men have to adjust their lifestyle.

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