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Good clean drinking water is very important to our overall wellness, and what better way to take control of your health than to make your own. Herbs could cure your underlying health disorder, reduce stress and depression and improve libido. Oat is a natural source of plant sterols that closely resemble human sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Don quai is used in traditional Chinese medicine for correcting imbalance of sex hormones in women. Salmon is a food that is rich with omega 3 fatty acid which in turn helps to lower the amount of bad cholesterol LDL. Oysters are enriched with zinc which is essential for the healthy functioning of the reproductive system of the men. Watermelon is rich with potassium which plays a major role in lowering the high blood pressure. Berries are found to have good amount antioxidants in them and hence they help to prevent any damage on the arteries and plaque deposition on the artery wall. Milk is rich in potassium and calcium which helps to lower the blood pressure and increases your blood circulation with out causing any blocks in artery.

Axe is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, expert in Natural Medicine, a speaker for Fortune 500 Companies (Nissan, Whole Foods) and a doctor of chiropractic.
Recently on Maximize Your Health Radio, I discussed a study that showed increased effectiveness of solar disinfection of water using limes.
A recent study published by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that adding limes to water that is being disinfected by the sun speeds up the disinfection process. In order to tackle this problem men need to eat the right food that help them to produce healthy sperms. Salmon also consist of enough proteins that help to keep the sperm in good shape and motility. Thus it helps to regulate the blood pressure and blood circulation which in turn is necessary for sperm health. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Not only will you have naturally cleaned water, but it'll have a twist of lime which boosts your immune system and fight seasonal allergies. Not only will you have naturally cleaned water, but it’ll have a twist of lime which boosts your immune system and fight seasonal allergies.

Poor libido caused by hormonal imbalance could be treated by steroidal saponins present in oat.
This may help to increase the blood circulation and thus helps the nutrients to reach each and every corner of the body. Tomato also helps men to maintain healthy prostate gland which in turn produces quality sperms. Moreover, the sterols present in stinging nettle could reduce the activities of DHT, a type of testosterone associated with prostate enlargement.
Also try to maintain perfect weight by exercising regularly and sleep well to produce healthy sperms. By restoring the optimal functions of the adrenal glands, Siberian ginseng could improve libido.

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