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I describe on this website everything about my personal training and diet, and I explain my vision on many aspects of bodybuilding such as training, exercises, equipment, nutrition, supplements, losing body fat, doping, and injuries. It is not the intention of this website to thoroughly explain every aspect of bodybuilding or to become very scientific.
Some of the main goals of this website are to promote TRUE natural bodybuilding, to tell you how I have built my true natural physique, to explain some differences between true natural and drugged bodybuilding in terms of nutrition and training, to help you figure out what is really important to reach your bodybuilding goals, what is not important, and what is total nonsense. As you will notice while reading this website, I am a strong believer in the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle.
Watch the Youtube video below to get an overview of what this website has to offer you as a natural bodybuilder and to see some pictures of myself. For your convenience I have concisely summarized all you need to know about true natural bodybuilding, including training, nutrition and supplementation, on a single webpage: how to get big - all secrets revealed.
If you are serious about gaining muscle mass and especially about losing body fat you carefully have to monitor what and how much you eat every day. I have written down the complete true natural bodybuilding training routine that I have been following for years to develop my physique in a convenient excel format. Promote the sport that you love so much and show the world that you are 100% natural by wearing your own True Natural BodyBuilding T-shirt. How come when I Googled natural mr.o I found that the winners of recent natural mr.o's were smaller and not in as good condition as Jim Cordova? You can bet your ass, and he is in a different natural organization than the natural Mr Olympia is, which I think its NANBF ? Now that you’ve wasted like half an hour of your life, how about spending another 30 seconds to share your opinion on where the line between beauty and beast should be drawn? I find girls with six packs hot but these who look like wrestlers and you have hard time figuring out, if it’s a woman or a man, are awful. In all that I have read above, I am surprised that no one has mentioned or wondered about how these bodybuilding women look when they are not pumped for competition. To make a silly joke, if we were to be married she could carry ME over the threshold (I’m honestly not a very big guy). J’avais deja introduit le sujet avec cet article : Pourquoi les femmes devraient porter de lourdes charges ? Alors oui, elles ont des muscles, ils sont bien dessines mais elles restent tres feminines.
De plus, la formation de muscles depend non seulement du sport que vous faites, mais aussi de l’alimentation que vous avez !
Quand ce ne sont pas les femmes minces, qui se contraignent avec des regimes draconiens, ce sont des femmes rondes.. Il est rare de voir dans un magazine, une femme bien musclee mais pas trop : en gros une femme normale et en bonne sante (physique et mentale) !
Porter de lourdes charge va permettre de bruler des graisses et de construire un muscle de taille appropriee. Les shoulder press, push press, push jerk : sont des mouvements qui font travailler les bras en priorite. C’est la que vous vous apercevez que vos douleurs chroniques ne sont pas dues a une blessure mais plutot au manque d’activite physique ! Les souleves de terre ne sont dangereux pour le dos que si vous avez une mauvaise technique et que vous n’ecoutez pas ce qu’on vous dit !
Si tu arretes de faire du sport, n’as tu pas peur que tes muscles se transforment en graisse ? Et deuxiemement, maintenant que j’ai goute au crossfit, je ne compte plus m’arreter de faire du sport !
N’oubliez pas non plus de partager cet article, il pourrait servir a convaincre vos amies qui n’osent pas venir faire du crossfit ! Cet article a ete publie dans la categorie : Ze Sport sous le(s) tag(s) crossfit, femmes, lourdes charges, muscles.
Having a bodybuilding workout schedule is a great way to plan your workouts and ensure that you remain committed to your bodybuilding program. A good bodybuilding workout schedule will include every exercise necessary for full body development and also provide each muscle group with enough time off to recover. I have identified the proper way to cycle your workouts to ensure maximum muscle building results.
When the muscles in the human body are broken down by intense physical activity in the form of weight training, the body recognizes this stress as an undesirable condition. Consequently, the body responds by sending nutrients to the muscles that were broken down to help them to quickly recover and to also build them up so that the same stress will not be as "damaging" or stressful in the future. This is a very basic explanation of how weight training works to build the muscles in the body. This also explains why it is important for you to feed your body with the proper nutrition to make sure that your muscles have a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates to maximize muscle growth and minimize fat.
While the body is very good at supplying your muscles with the nutrients needed to recover from your workouts, there is a point at which the body can no longer keep up with the stress you are putting on it. When this happens, your body will use the nutrients that should be going to your muscles for growth to sustain other vital functions instead.

Many bodybuilders would see their results increase dramatically just by implementing these two principles. Unfortunately, most of them have no idea that they are depriving their body of much needed nutrition and rest, which is hindering their progress. Just by knowing and following these 2 principles, you will be ahead of 95% of those spending countless hours and dollars to improve their physiques.
All of my bodybuilding workout schedules ensure that you are giving your body enough rest to prevent becoming overstressed. When it comes to choosing the bodybuilding workout schedule that is right for you, the most important aspect to consider is the amount of time you are willing to devote to your bodybuilding program.
Choosing the bodybuilding exercises you should perform is also important, but I have already provided you with the most effective muscle building exercises for each muscle group in the body.
I have provided 3 different workout schedules below based on the number of days per week you are willing to commit to weight training. 3 days is the minimum number of days per week that you must workout in order to provide your muscles with sufficient stimulation to promote new muscle growth. In order to avoid over-stressing the body, it is imperative that you give your body at least 2 full days of rest from weight training.
In order to prevent over-stressing your body, I do not offer a bodybuilding workout schedule for any more than 5 days of weight training per week. After considering the number of days per week you are willing to devote to weight training, you can locate your weekly bodybuilding workout schedule below.
I list the exercises to perform on each weight workout day below based on the number of days per week you are able to devote to weight training.
I have covered choosing the right number of sets and reps for each exercise on another page.
After you have completed the fourth week of the workout cycle, you will start back at week #1. This will ensure that you are properly rotating the muscle groups that are trained assuring that you equally work all muscle groups and provide them with sufficient rest over the 4 week cycle. For the 4 day bodybuilding workout schedule, you will perform the workouts in order and simply start back at workout #1 each week.
After you have completed the third week of the workout cycle, you will start back at week #1. This will ensure that you are properly rotating the muscle groups that are trained assuring that you equally work all muscle groups and provide sufficient rest over the 3 week cycle. This schedule will provide the best results, but should only be chosen by those with the motivation and availability to weight train 5 days every week. By giving your body at least 2 full days of rest from weight training, your body will have ample time to recover from your workouts. Giving your body the right nutrition and sufficient rest will maximize your ability to build new muscle and prevent your body from becoming over-stressed.
As stated above, the more days you can devote to weight training, the better the results you will achieve - as long as you are giving your muscles at least 2 full days of rest from weight training every week. While my bodybuilding workout schedules contain every exercise necessary for full body development, remember that in order to maximize your results, and reach your true bodybuilding potential, you will need to also implement the right muscle building diet plan and muscle confusion techniques.
Please note that anything on this website is only my personal opinion, based on more than 25 years of experience as a true natural bodybuilder and my understanding as a scientist with a Ph.D. If you want to know more about one specific subject, I recommend you to search the internet, which is full of detailed information. And believe me, there are lots of nonsense and irrelevant things being told and written in the world of bodybuilding.
Building a great physique through true natural bodybuilding is much simpler than you might think. You will see that this website is full of free information about natural bodybuilding, training routines, exercises, nutrition, supplements, gym equipment, injuries and much more. This webpage is a great starting point in case you want to read through the site and discover step by step everything you need to know in order to be able to develop your physique as efficiently as possible without using anabolic steroids or unnatural performance enhancing supplements.
I have developed a very convenient tool for natural bodybuilders that can help you build your personal diet plan. It clearly outlines how the 5-day split training routine is built up, which muscles are trained in each of the 5 workouts, which exercises are performed for each muscle group, and how many sets and reps are done. This woman’s abs have giant veins running throughout, and you can see the striation in her muscles. She’s very defined, though not completely ripped like the previous two, and not as swollen up as the following ladies.
Asking if these women are attractive is like asking for a definitive answer on what temperature a room should be at. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all persons will go along with with your blog. If they feel good doing it and love themselves in the mirror, that’s what count right!! Elles ont peur de prendre trop de masse musculaire et que leur physique ne soit plus harmonieux..

On vous a souvent dit qu’un regime hyperproteine etait bon pour perdre du poids rapidement. Mais pour tenir la barre sur les epaules, les triceps se mettent en marche, tout comme la stabilisation au niveau des epaules et du dos.
Mon coach me dit, tu peux le faire : alors je me dis interieurement que je peux le faire et je le fais !
Un bon coach ne vous dira jamais de monter en poids si vous etes mal place de toute facon.. Meme si vous voulez a tout prix avoir des cuisses minces ou des fesses plus fermes, vous n’obtiendrez pas ce resultat plus vite en faisant des milliers de fentes avant, de souleves de jambes ou de squats. Vous finirez probablement par vous surentrainer et vous risquerez de vous blesser a cause d’une sollicitation excessive. Je pourrai reduire le nombre des entrainements ainsi que leur intensite suivant mon age, mais cette habitude est trop ancree dans mon corps. Ce qui est encore plus dangereux, c’est de reprendre aussi de mauvaises habitudes alimentaires ! Meme si je devais arreter ce sport pour une raison ou une autre, je le remplacerai par un autre et completerais avec des exercices type crossfit a la maison.
Nous nous sommes toutes croisees lors des qualifications au championnat de France de crossfit l’an dernier. Provide your body with adequate nourishment by following a nutrition plan that is consistent with your bodybuilding goals. Give your muscles enough time to recover from the stresses placed on your muscles during weight training. I also recommend you to use the free encyclopedia as a general source of information. It does however require very strong dedication and persistence, and the art to figure out what is essential and what not. It is an excel workbook that calculates how many calories, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals you need to eat every day.
All information and pictures available in an easy to read and navigate PDF-file with electronic bookmarks and hyperlinks. Now, I appreciate all the hard work, but someone please take this woman out for some BBQ and fatten her up!
I mean at some point these ladies get so big that if they don’t have extremely feminine facial features you begin to question whether they are transgendered men.
I believe this is Dianne Solomons, and I don’t want to make any comments lest she hunt me down and squash me like a grape!
I think these women certainly have a place and should be respected, but as to being hot- not! Seulement, si vous faites du sport a cote, vous risquez de developper encore plus de masse musculaire. Il faut donc faire preuve de patience et surveiller son alimentation : la graisse finira par disparaitre !
Le muscle n’est alors ni entraine, ni alimente de la bonne facon et c’est le surpoids assure ! At what point does female bodybuilding reach the peak of the “sexy” plateau and begin going back downhill from there? With that in mind, you have to remember that these women are ladies no matter how you look at. I find it especially interesting when people think that a particularly body type is more masculine or more feminine. Granted, they are bigger than most men and those men feel intimidated, but they still have feelings and should be respected for their hard work. Sex, gender, sexuality etc is actually all junk science – yes we can see are a huge range of overlapping traits and yes their is reproduction and replication of DNA, but how perceive these things are much more important than the reality.
You have to remember that these women are only ripped and vainy during the competition season.
The problem here is that from within a paradigm it is very hard to see outside it, to see different ways the data can be organised.
I’m single now but if I were to meet a bodybuilding lady that peaked my interest, which all of them do, I would definitly date her. This discussion about beauty and muscles in humans is just one more outflow from that confusion, about the need to justify who we say we are. Hence the desire for standards when there cannot be, for truths when their really is only opinions.

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