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GEN-TEC NUTRACEUTICALS source, blend and package 100% Pure Bovine Colostrum powder containing 20%IgG.
Bovine Colostrum is a dairy derivative that possess various physiological benefits in exercising individuals.

Colostrum supplementation is ideal for individuals with a goal of improving gut health, intestinal flora and supporting a healthy immune system. This nutrient dense protein is secreted into the cows milk from the mammary glands during the post-natal period. Its contents are various immunological compounds which have antimicrobial properties as well as ergogenic potential. These compounds are what’s referred to as immunoglobulins (Ig), in particular IgA, IgG and lactoferrin.

What Colostrum does is increase gastrointestinal integrity, immune function and recovery from intense exercise which is extremely beneficial to anyone who simply can’t afford to get run down.

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