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100% Premium Mass Gainer adalah satu penambah massa otot yang dapat membantu memaksimalkan pertumbuhan otot anda. Campurkan 1 hingga 2 scoop dengan 16 sampai 20 oz air dingin maupun minuman apapun yang anda sukai. Namun demikian, jenis mass gainer buatan MuscleTech ini masih terbilang sebagai Weight Gainer yang cukup digemari di pasaran. Add to Cart Quantity New 100% Premium Mass Gainer is one of the latest innovations from Team MuscleTech - America's #1 Selling Bodybuilding Supplement Brand.

This power-packed massbuilding formula is an effective way for bodybuilders, strength athletes and hard gainers to get the nutrients and musclebuilding compounds needed to grow bigger and stronger!
Not only does 100% Premium Mass Gainer really work, it also comes in two delicious, mouth-watering flavors that'll leave you wanting more!NEW Power-Packed Massbuilding FormulaNEW 100% Premium Mass Gainer helps you meet your unique caloric needs by delivering up to a massive 1,430 calories, including 70 grams of high-quality protein and 286 grams of energy-providing carbs, in every serving.
It even features essential minerals, a complete spectrum of amino acids and an advanced compound shown in scientific studies to help build muscle size and strength - so you know it's going to work!The secret behind the massbuilding power of this mega-dosed formula lies in its calorie-dense macronutrient profile and its ability to elevate insulin (an important hormone) and drive more nutrients into your muscles - exactly where you need them! 100% Premium Mass Gainer is truly a one-of-a-kind formula designed to deliver.Scientifically Shown to Help You Build More MassDo you want a massive physique complete with bigger arms, broader shoulders and a wider chest?

This scientifically advanced massbuilding formula delivers what you need to build the bigger and stronger frame you've always wanted!

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