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It takes a while to build up an impressive physique because 5 pounds of muscle doesn’t take up much space. Having used to be a fatty, I know how hard it is to lose the fat, and am now realizing that increasing muscle mass and density is just as hard of a process if not harder in some ways.
There will simply be more noticeable difference if 10lbs of lean body mass is added to a smaller person than if 10lbs of lean body mass is added to a larger person.
The image up top is definitely not quite right, it looks like your first reaction told you it was off too.
Read previous post:American Men More Likely to Die From Suicide than Car CrashesAlthough American complain of oppression, their lives are rarely so hopeless that they end them. How many times have you seen someone lose a significant amount of weight only to be left with layers of loose skin? If you are planning to lose weight and want to avoid the loose skin that accompanies fast weight loss, then lose weight properly and slowly. Quality nutrients are needed for digestion, and smaller meals more often will shrink the stomach and increase your metabolism.
If you are planning to lose weight, but don't want the extra loose skin, then plan your meals. Eat several small meals a day, track your calories based on your lean body mass and activity level and make small changes weekly. If you are using cardio as a form of weight loss, then there is some caution that goes along with it.
To aid in your weight loss you can supplement as well, but please remember supplements only work when your nutrition and exercise regimen are in balance.
Another favorite of mine is a transdermal fat loss supplement called Cutting Gel, which is absorbed via skin.
It helps to release stored body fat into the bloodstream so it can be used as energy during exercise. If you lower your calories properly with small deductions each week, you don't have to spend hours upon hours engaging in muscle wasting cardio sessions. Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition. Ladies, own this exclusive, comprehensive E-Book packed with inside information on how to literally transform your body in as little as 12 weeks with proven techniques and never before revealed inside information from an established top level national female bodybuilder. Effects of Rapid Weight LossBy Priyanka ParabAdnan Sami did it and now Bipasha Basu claims to have done it! Weight Loss no doubt increases the persons self confidence and general health levels but also helps them to look and feel better about themselves! However with the people of 21st century being obsessed with all things fast – fast paced lives, fast food, fast internet connectivity, fast trains, fast cars and so on.
Rapid Weight Loss is nothing but sudden weight loss that occurs either due to medical conditions such as a gastro-intestinal disease, a dysfunctional thyroid, diabetes or due to certain medications.

However unlike other forms of weight loss achieved by dieting and exercise, rapid weight loss is often temporary and leads to harmful effects. Rapid weight loss is often accompanied with loss of muscle, as with this kind of sudden weight loss the body slips into ‘ketosis’, a state in which the body begins to burn muscle for energy! However one must keep in mind that with Rapid weight loss, the decreased metabolism results in instant weight gain when one resumes their normal eating habits.
Nutritional deficiencies are again a common occurrence for those who undergo rapid weight loss, as a slowed down metabolism affects the nutrition absorption process. Along with nutritional deficiency that causes many problems such as a weakened immune system and a host of other problems due to it. Dehydration occurs with rapid weight loss firstly because muscle consists mostly of water and with muscle burning; water is lost from the body. Other effects of a rapid weight loss are that it causes gallstones, insomnia and even depression in some! Thank you and best of health, to all of you, and if you haven’t yet buy that juicer and read up you’ll feel so much better! While muscle is more dense than fat, it’s only about 30% more dense, not three times as the picture might imply. If this is a concern of yours please do not lose heart, because there are a few ways to prevent this situation from happening to you. This may mentally be the hardest thing for you, but the ending reward is tighter skin and a smaller body.
Those of you who have been reading my newsletters and articles for sometime now know I preach this, and rightfully I should because it is a fact.
That immediately puts your body in starvation defense and you will hoard fat, lose muscle, reduce your metabolism, and have loose skin. Your body is 70% water, and therefore you should be consuming at least 60 ounces a day, or more.
You want the muscle to take the place of the fat that is being lost to prevent too much sagging skin. It is important that you don't engage in long and drawn out cardio session on little calories because you will burn lean muscle tissue. I found it works best when you apply it to where you want to mobilize body fat and promote skin tightening before cardio or resistance training. However, this does not take place unless you are helping it along by exercising and adjusting calories correctly. She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls. She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding.
But there are certain conditions to it, the main being it shouldn’t be rapid weight loss but a structured weight loss that is achieved by a combination of the proper diet and exercises.

Sudden weight loss can also be achieved by lowering one’s calorie intake by going on a diet. Plus with fat not being an effective energy source, the body tends to preserve it as an energy source, using it only as the last option. This results in a sluggish or slowed down metabolism that burns fewer calories and less fat, forcing the body to burn muscle for energy generation. But with rapid weight loss, the skin does not get the needed time to adjust to the sudden shrinking of the various body parts, a result of which is sagging skin. As most diets aiming for a considerable weight loss advise either a liquid diet or a low calorie diet, both of which lack proteins.
In case of a rapid weight loss, where even the metabolism is decreased, protein absorption from the food consumed is low. Moreover, weight loss achieved by means of dieting (read – liquid diet, low calorie diet or crash dieting) sorely lacks in nutrition. Secondly dehydration occurs because water intake is restricted to facilitate rapid weight loss, as water is known to cause bloating. With girls being anorexic and even bulemia striking in, not to mention all those thin flattering model like figure, we women rush into losing weight too fast, even by starving or eating bleak meals. If I’m maintaining a natural, healthy diet (paleo, raw, IF) and working on a combination of high rep lifting and low rep heavy lifting, is it possible to lose muscle mass or density? Also, compared to that pen, that’s only about 30 cubic inches of muscle, which weighs about 1 lb, not 5.
If you lose weight fast on a fad, starvation, or liquid diet, then you are going to be left with a slower metabolism, muscle loss, and loose skin. There is nothing better you can put into your body than whole, natural, organic and unprocessed food. While it is a great calorie burner, I feel many take it to extremes by combining it with a poor nutrition program that is low in calories, resulting in the opposite desired effect.
Even though rapid weight loss seems like a good option for today’s busy bodies, it brings with it many potentially harmful side effects. This leads to more muscle being burned for energy generation purpose by the body, leading to muscle loss. Loose skin due to sudden weight loss is mostly visible around the abdomen and in the arms and thighs of the individual. Muscle is lean and metabolically active and it is the best thing for increased health, self-confidence, and fat loss. It won't over stimulate the central nervous system and can even enhance lean muscle tissue gains.

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