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Since 1996, no other supplement company in America has offered bodybuilders a more diverse array of products, services and value than ProSource ®. Get ready to experience the incredible power of THERMO FUSE, Muscle Warfare’s newly released fat burner with targeted amino acid based stimulant technology. THERMO FUSE was designed specifically to help support fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate.
Intense amino acid based thermogenic technology combines with adipocyte apoptosis pathways (programmed fat cell destruction) to synergistically rev up your FAT BURNING potential to a completely new level!
The THERMO FUSE formula was specially designed to harness the full stimulant power of select amino acids and their metabolites, which amplify the metabolic effects of caffeine! If you want to get maximum support for your dieting and weight loss goals, THERMO FUSE is definitely a product you should have in your arsenal.
Muscle Warfare Thermofuse Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 capsules in the AM and another 1-3 capsules mid-day with a glass of water or your beverage of choice. As a competitive light weight strongman, I have to make sure I say in my respective weight class. My name is Kevin Tomasini, I am from Milwaukee, WI, I am one of the top amateurs in the USA right now – I just finished competing at the North Americans where I just missed my pro card, and placed 2nd in the Super Heavyweight Class.
After 2 months of using Napalm I must say I have made amazing progress, much better than ever expected. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
IMMITATION IS FLATTERING, BUT TRUE INNOVATION BREADS INCOMPARABLE RESULTS…AMINO ACID BASED TESTOSTERONE DOMINANCEIntroducing NMDA, the perfectly dosed, extremely sophisticated amino acid based testosterone amplifier. 8 Essential Free Form Amino Acids with Specialized High Molecular Weight Carbohydrate Delivery System. This success is based on a simple but unique strategy: Offer only the best quality, most research proven supplements available, eliminate the middle-man markups, and keep the prices super low. This powerful version is designed for massive fat cell destruction, incredible energy and mind blowing thermogenesis!
When taken in the morning or before the gym it provides substantial energy to boost your productivity and performance. This highly specific amino acid mixture helps to stimulate increased adrenaline and noradrenaline, along with other neurotransmitters, to support enhanced mood and physical energy output. This formula is simply guaranteed to have you feeling good, (and we mean really good) about losing weight! It helps provides a great mood and metabolism lift that will have you feeling energized all day long! I just won the Overall at the 2012 Musclemania Boston and I was in the absolute best shape I've ever been.
Using great nutrition and superior performance supplements from Muscle Warfare I was able to achieve a physique I had only dreamed of before.
They should be strong enough to be able to explode at any movement, and possess the conditioning ability to last during the rounds. They offer a $7.99 'free sample', but what it is is a ploy for the customer to sign up for regular deliveries of their product. Just one cycle of this product is enough to jump start testosterone to levels not experienced since puberty.
It’s called NUKE for a reason as it is the elite muscle building weapon available for instant, potent and devastatingly effective amino acid delivery during and after intense training.
Just as the name implies, THERMO FUSE helps light your internal THERMOGENIC FUSE to start burning fat at an incredibly rapid pace! Plus, to further boost the thermogenic potential of this formula, the researchers at Muscle Warfare have added a precise blend of multiple herbal extracts and polyphenolic compounds that have the ability to support programmed fat cell destruction. I've been using your products consistently since last year getting ready for my two shows in 2011.
My first fitness competition was this last May 2012 with The WBFF and I placed 3rd in the Diva Fitness model short category. I went from 260 pounds of lazy fatness to a 174 pound NPC Men's Physique competitor in under a year!!!
Forget about other company’s claims of theoretical amino acid sequences and the accompanying marketing hype surrounding a ‘single’ animal study.
Taken as suggested, and combined with proper diet and exercise, your results may be extraordinary!

In less than 6 weeks, I will be on my way to Oklahoma City to compete in The WBFF Southwest Championships. The components, profiles and ratios of amino acids used in NUKE have been the subject of hundreds of published human studies and are scientifically proven to be the most important for muscle growth and recovery, period.
Users of THERMO FUSE have reported incredible mood enhancing properties and there is a strong potential for you to simply get things done and feel great while taking it! Napalm, NMDA, NUKE and my personal favorite MRE were a huge reason for my energy levels and my muscle density. Even when you return their items they are unbelieveably slow in responding to anything consumer related. In fact, our groundbreaking discoveries with the product NMDA launched an entirely new category in the sports nutrition market! With these two technologies working in tandem, your dieting efforts will definitely gain an extremely modernistic approach and the absolute maximum support! I haven't had the chance to try Mini-Gun yet but that is on the top of my list after Musclemania New York. My passion for competing started last year when I was severly underweight and had horrible eating habits along with no energy. However, NMDA’s formula is still WAY ahead on the product design curve as it was based on intensive research from hundreds of published scientific studies and safety data.
That’s the plain truth… and kind of FREAKY!Although hard to describe, it’s an incredibly awesome experience that also includes an enormous PUMP! Your products deliver great results without the crash afterwards and there is no bloating because you do not use creatine.
We ultimately were able to design a product that utilizes a multitude of proven ingredients that synergistically feed off each other to produce more and more testosterone, without shutting off the signals.
I did a bulking cycle, put on 20 lbs and decided to show off my new found confidence and body on stage.
These results were validated with several in-house pilot studies utilizing hard training top athletes.
I have recently completed a second bulking cycle and I'm currently preparing for that amazing stage once again!
With impressive blood panel testosterone increases, and the extremely positive wide spread beta testing feedback received, we confidently guarantee that NMDA has the absolute most power and effectiveness possible in a natural, non-steroidal testosterone increaser. Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) are the ones your body requires on a daily basis, at minimum, to build muscle tissue. I am here to represent all hard working mothers, especially those with children with special needs such as myself, to hopefully inspire and teach the values of being healthy, being fit, and making yourself your no.
Plus, people turning their heads in admiration of your newfound enormous size and strength in the gym will be all the proof that you need!NMDA is such a potent testosterone amplifier, that once your girl finds out it’s your secret, she’s going to demand you use it all the time!It’s no joke.
I also love MOAB because it delivers extreme pumps all day long and also helps with my next workout!!
Once your girl gets used to the ‘performance increase’ of you taking NMDA, she may demand you use it all the time! And when taken during training in their FREE FORM (not needing to be digested first as from a protein source like whey), the results of EAA’s are felt instantaneously, with muscle engorging effects! You cannot take care of your children or take charge of your life if you do not live a healthy lifestyle! It’s like giving an extremely thirsty person who has been wandering in the desert a gallon of water to chug!
The reason why I want to be Muscle Warfare's VIP Athlete is because I want to share what I have learned from body building and fitness with other women. It’s no secret that higher testosterone levels can enhance your swagger, not only in the gym, but in the bedroom as well. Likewise, NUKE satisfies your muscles intense thirst for all of the aminos that they so desperately need! In fact, the first thing you might notice from NMDA is an immediate boost in that department. Besides muscle growth and aggression in the gym, male enhancement is definitely a ‘side effect’ from taking NMDA that we don’t think anyone will be complaining about. This complete saturation of essential aminos that occurs inside your muscles during their most depleted condition (from intense training) trips the anabolic switch! NUKE’s essential aminos, like a rushing deluge of muscle building materials and signals, flood the muscle cells and force a powerful anabolic response. When I started weight lifting it required me to eat and I felt so strong and developed a huge sense of confidence!

However, no matter how much you (or she) like these effects, we still recommend cycling off NMDA every few months to recalibrate your receptors.By utilizing synergistic testosterone amplifying signals via multiple pathways, NMDA is a single product… but a STACK within itself… with the science that proves it works BIG TIME!During our intensive research on testosterone increasers, we studied the pharmacological effects of N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid and its precursor D-Aspartic Acid on testosterone production. The muscles then can’t help but feel a sense of complete satisfaction as they get engorged, while explosively starting to build more muscle tissue! I want other women who struggle with eating disorders or body image disorders to hear my story! Additionally, multiple herbal and mineral based synergists for enhancing this biological pathway were isolated. Sounds exciting, and is only the first part of the NUKE experience!Once you feel the instant blast of essential amino acids that NUKE provides, you will know why it is called NUKE!
We also identified key, naturally occurring and safe polyphenolic based selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS) to help minimize estrogen and further enhance the testosterone enhancing effect via the HPTA negative feedback looping mechanism. Like the Manhattan Project, it all started with ‘real’ science too!In case you weren’t aware, scientists have created categories for amino acids derived from their necessity for normal human function. Finally, a special ratio of key minerals was added to help boost the testosterone increasing effects, while simultaneously modulating calcium ion channels to provide very potent support for the NMDA receptor itself.
These are the essential amino acids [EAA’s] (the ones your body absolutely needs and cannot manufacture itself) and non-essential amino acids (the ones your body can create on its own from food, essential amino acids and other biological sources).
So, scientifically speaking, the essential amino acids are obviously the most important for muscle growth because as long as you get EAA’s, your body can make the rest easily.
I want women and men to understand the feeling of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. That is the major reason why our product cannot be duplicated and is still at the absolute top of the category!NMDA may be up to 100X’s more potent at increasing testosterone than straight D-Aspartic Acid products! It truly saved me and I could not have gotten to where I am today without the proper nutrition, hard work, dedication and the help of supplements, especially Muscle Warfare. Plus, you won’t get the stomach upset or trippy feeling from excessively dosed (3 Grams) D-Aspartic Acid products either!Through extensive scientific research and beta testing, we discovered that n-methyl-d-aspartate was up to 100X’s more potent at increasing testosterone that regular D-Aspartic Acid (D-Asp is the precursor to NMDA). Also, not many are aware that both Glutamine and Arginine are considered conditionally essential amino acids.
Utilizing this methodology, we figured out that a precise ratio of these two aminos, with a greatly reduced dosing (but a more regular interval), worked even better than either of them did alone.
Meaning they are specifically needed in higher quantities during periods of extreme stress (such as training). Plus, with our potent synergistic array of other ingredients, a dosing protocol of 3 times per day was selected to provide a natural and steady state stimulation of the HPTA axis all day long for maximum effectiveness!Time to get ON a cycle of NMDA, break some PR’s and get total respect in the gym!Don’t be deceived by the notion that more D-asp is better.
NUKE’s cutting edge formula has been uniquely dosed with all of these aforementioned aminos in a precise dosing pattern for maximum muscle building effect!NUKE’s high speed carbohydrate delivery system, enzyme blend and multi-phase Myobolic nutrients boost the recovery effects of the included EAA’s to an astonishing level!As if just providing the essential and conditionally essential amino acids wasn’t enough, we wanted to insure their instant availability during training. When it comes to manipulating your NMDA receptors to enhance testosterone production, a precise dosing protocol is required and has been developed via sophisticated study by the researchers at Muscle Warfare!
We accomplished this with a specialized carbohydrate delivery system that uses high molecular weight carbs, which help force aminos into the body through osmotic gradient in the stomach. NMDA simply provides maximum power HPTA testosterone amplification, via multiple pathways, with very clean feeling effects!
Additionally, we included key enzymes shown to enhance delivery of amino acids and aid in muscle recovery. If you are looking for testosterone enhancement for massive gains, incredible size or to completely smash records, then give NMDA a try today and experience the quality of our products performance! Next, the Multi-Phase Myobolic Encoding Matrix includes several highly researched polyphenols that positively affect recovery through multiple pathways, further synergizing the anabolic environment.
NUKE simply turns ON the anabolic switch, and keeps the pedal pressed down to the maximum speed position during and after your training!
You can’t help but grow!With all of these remarkable components combined, you are simply are left with the most complete and sophisticated amino acid product ever available!The time for talking is done. Plus, if you don’t like stimulants before you train, NUKE can be used as a non-stimulant pre-workout product as well!
Go grab a bottle and experience the explosive, instant muscle growth induction & FREAKY PUMP!

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