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Quickly and accurately locate which tissues, organs and glands were malfunctioning and in need of help.
Be able to find hard to detect, sometimes subclinical,  infections and immune challenges.
Be able to determine the exact remedy that is necessary to heal the condition that is specific for each individual's case.
Medical practitioners today are very much into the diagnosis and classification of symptoms.
The locations of the symptoms seem to have primary importance because that tells you which doctors you have to go to.
In fact, if you were to have something that does cause inflammation in tissues, in all likelihood it could cause inflammation in more than one different tissue in the body.
To further complicate matters related to location of symptoms, a basic cause like poisons may affect an organ or tissue in one area of the body that then causes symptoms in an area far away from the malfunctioning organ. Just as one basic cause can result in two separately diagnosed conditions, the same diagnosed condition may be caused from two completely different sources.
Modern medicine and natural medicine have totally different ways of looking at the body and the solutions that they employ are likewise different. Sources of ionizing radiation include too many X-rays, too much unprotected sun exposure, radon or radioactive particle over exposure and jet flight. A special type of radiation is associated with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance or MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). More times than not, when dealing with radiation, the problem lies on the resistance side of the equation, more than on the harmful stress side of the equation. Taking these simple, common sense preventive steps and determining the exact nutritional supplementation necessary to allow the body to deal with the type of radiation that you are exposed to, can make a significant difference in how the body feels.
Often public and patients don’t seem to understand a fundamental difference between nutritionally based health care and medical drug based care. Because of this, nutritional supplements don’t lend themselves well to clinical controlled trials. In the body all of the different vitamins, minerals and nutrients work together to paint the picture of life.
It is also important to note that the same word, the same sentence can be messed up by a lack of any of several different letters. It has been vilified by classical medicine and the media for quite some time as the cause of plaquing in the arteries and heart attacks but the link is not nearly as strong as some would have us believe.
I do know that I see a lot of people who come into my office that are suffering from symptoms that are associated with the side effects of statin drugs. True solutions to fixing the arteries of the heart center around reducing toxins and free radicals in the blood and providing those things that heal and strengthen the arteries.
If there are not enough symptoms that can be seen to qualify for a name, tests are ordered so that more symptoms can be seen. For instance, if you have a pain in your gut and a pain in your leg, that’s an instant two doctors. No one knows why but they become magical sources of income once the name becomes converted into Latin. Bronchitis, Gastritis, Colitis, Nephritis, Neuritis, Pancreatitis, Hepatitis, Encephalitis, Dermatitis to name a few. If the liver refuses to eliminate a toxin from the blood for instance, the person may end up with a rash.
Since ionizing radiation can be cumulative, the more history a person has of exposure, the less tolerance the body may have towards new exposure. Unless obvious unnatural exposure exists, many times patients simply need more vitamins and antioxidants or glandular support. In certain select cases, constant exposure may not be enough to cause a severe problem, yet because the exposure is constantly above the tolerance level, the body never seems to be able to catch up.
I’m not talking about how the nutritional heals the cause and the medical masks the symptoms. You can give a perfectly healthy person morphine and he will experience the effects of morphine just as someone who is sick. Due to the nature of deficiency symptoms, however, the natural approach requires more finesse to produce the effect desired.
This idea, called the lipid hypothesis was forwarded by Ancel Keys in the 1950’s who proposed that saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet causes heart attacks. Benefits of anywhere from 24% to 47% reduction in heart attacks have been quoted from taking statin drugs. If you look at the previously mentioned functions of cholesterol, then think about what could happen if these functions are not performed, you can have a pretty good idea of some of the side effects of using statin drugs. I suppose if you are one of the 4% who didn’t die because the statin drug you took prevented a heart attack the answer is yes.
Most experts feel there is a weakening of the arteries and subsequent damage of the arterial walls due to this weakening coupled with toxins and free radicals that affect the walls.

More and more tests are ordered until the doctor is satisfied that he has enough symptoms present that a name is deserved. For instance, Joe may have a liver problem because heavy metal poisons have infiltrated his liver.
They don’t care what you call it, they want to find out what you need to do that will work to fix it. Examples would be areas next to high power electrical lines, cell phone tower electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic fields around appliances, television, computer monitors, faulty microwaves or old wiring in buildings and fields around the cell phones themselves.
Nutritional Supplements only produce a change in the person if the person who is taking the supplement happens to be deficient in whatever that supplement has in it. He simply looks at his drug list for what goes with a specific symptom and gives it to you. In the intervening years research has established that this link between dietary cholesterol and heart problems simply does not exist. There is a long list of side effects including rapid loss of mental clarity, muscle aching and weakness, tingling or cramping in the legs, impaired muscle formation, temperature regulation problems, liver damage, kidney failure, problems sleeping, hostility, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, irritability, mental confusion and inability to walk. On the other hand, should you look at all of the risks involved with taking statin drugs and weigh them against the benefits you also have a right to decide not to take them. If the risks outweigh the benefits you have a right to ask your MD about pursuing other options. Jack may have a liver problem because sometime in his life he damaged the nerves that go to his liver and the nerves never healed all the way. This means that the energy wave associated with this radiation will knock off electrons from molecules that it comes into contact with.
Recently, more and more research is suggesting that these electromagnetic fields can produce a harmful effect on the body over time. Don’t get X-rays indiscriminately, keep sun exposure to a sane level and use radon testing if you suspect a problem.
I am talking specifically about how a product oriented towards correcting a deficiency works differently than one that is designed in a laboratory to produce an effect.
If you give a nutritional supplement to someone who is not lacking that specific nutritional component he will experience no effect whatsoever. Perhaps a better way to look at it for explanation purposes would be to compare each separate nutrient to letters of the alphabet.
I have to determine where the malfunction is in the body, what’s making the malfunction at this time then determine which one of the many possible deficiencies is present and give you the exact thing that you need. The idea that elevated cholesterol in the blood is related is still actively pursued by modern medicine, however the link is very weak.
But if you do make this decision it should be the result of your own observation, research and evaluation, not just because of the information that I have presented here. I suppose if the doctor would tell them why it’s there or how to fix it they might be able to get away with it. The diagnosis of pancreatitis for instance doesn’t tell you what is causing the condition, it just tells you where it is. They both may have the same diagnosis but the approach to correct the problem is totally different in each case.
This causes the molecules to malfunction and also causes them to grab other electron particles from molecules around them. If you work in an environment involving X-rays or radioactivity, use badges that measure exposure.
The different minerals and nutrients go together in internal body reactions just as the different letters of the alphabet go together to make words.
Supplements are used to fill in the gap so that the body can restore normal production and function. It makes up 50% of our brain and nerves and plays a role in the utilization of neurotransmitters that protect against depression.
Many studies have shown that people whose blood cholesterol is low become just as atherosclerotic as people whose cholesterol is high. The idea is that if you take the statin drug your chances of getting a heart attack are reduced by 47% for example. Joe Mercola cites that there are over 900 studies showing the damages of taking statin drugs. Simply do a search on the Internet for cholesterol myths and trace back the sources of data for yourselves. This pronouncement of the condition in Latin is so coveted by the way that it is actually illegal for anyone but doctors to say the words in Latin.
You can see that it can get a little complicated, but the bottom line is that everything works together to help everything else. The exact extent that these fields affect the body is still not very clear, though there certainly appears to be a threat here. You can purchase a gauss meter on the Internet to screen your house for general electromagnetic fields.

They may produce dramatic broad ranging effects, they may produce gradual effects over time, they may produce no effects if there is no deficiency present.
It is used to make bile salts that are necessary for us to digest fats and is a precursor (something from which another substance is made) to vitamin D, our sex hormones, including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and adrenal hormones which regulate sugar and minerals. Using a diagnosis like this to say what is causing the situation has very little value and makes very little sense.
The Environmental Protection Agency felt that there was enough evidence to draft a report recommending that electromagnetic fields be classified as a class B carcinogen, the same as formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCB’s.
Additionally, the same symptoms may one time, be from a deficiency in one vitamin or mineral and the next time the identical symptoms may require something totally different. PhD, before the introduction of the new cholesterol lowering drugs (the statins) more than 40 trials had been performed to test if cholesterol lowering can prevent a heart attack. You can get away with telling someone they have an inflamed colon for instance, but you better not tell them they have colitis.
It’s like saying that the reason you have a flat tire is because you have a flat tire. Of course you still need to figure out what to do to get the poison out (which is one of the things that natural healers do). These basic factors that get in the way of normal function and throw the system out of balance are what true healers are interested in, not names. If you are missing one or more of the letters of the word you can’t use the word to complete the sentence to produce the effect you are trying to get across.
The real value is in the information and advice that the doctor supplies with regard to which exact supplements you need today for the condition your body is in.
In some of the trials the number of fatal heart attacks was lowered a little, in other trials the number of fatal heart attacks increased. The body can handle a certain amount of ionizing radiation, but if it receives too much, it will cause problems.
Muscle testing suggests that the glands and nervous tissue are most affected by this type of radiation. Use thin plasma screen computer monitors, sit back from the television and use ear pieces when talking for long periods of time on your cell phone. Overviews of the trials have shown that when all results were taken together, just as many died in the groups that had their cholesterol lowered as in the group that didn’t.
Consider all of the different possible deficiencies that could result in a symptom as general as a headache and the research percentages of people helped may not be very high. The newer statin drugs have been attributed to some small success in preventing heart attacks however this evidently isn’t through cholesterol lowering. In other words, the chances of a person taking the statin drug went from a 98% chance of not getting a heart attack to 97%.
This includes blood cells, stomach and intestinal lining cells, hair follicles and the sex glands. It doesn’t mean that there is a better solution to helping a headache caused by lack of iron than giving iron.
The small protection against coronary heart disease was provided to the patient whether their cholesterol was high or whether it was low.
When cells divide, the DNA in the cells that is normally coiled and clumped together is unclumped and uncoiled so that the genetic material is exposed and more easily affected by the radiation. If the statins provide a small protection against heart attacks does it really matter if it’s cholesterol related or not?
Many of these studies were founded by the drug companies that created the statin drug being tested which also must be taken into consideration.
They produce a symptom that is wanted or block a symptom that is not wanted with out regard to what is causing the condition. A shortage of just one thing may create a broad range of bad effects and many different kinds of symptoms in many different places in the body.
If you measure the percentage of people who experience the effect of the drug when they take it it may have a relatively high percentage. This doesn’t mean that drugs are better than giving the person what they need to get better. Of course some of this could be related to drug side effects but even if there weren’t any side effects, these could very well be caused by the same deficiency that caused the original heart symptom.
Because the nutritional deficiency is never really addressed and instead drugs are given to block individual symptoms you just keep getting more problems in different areas.

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