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Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. While it may be possible that extended exposure to pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids can cause an increase in the occurrence of testicular cancer, none of the literature we have reviewed has ever suggested or concluded that any legal dietary supplement that improves and supports lean muscle recovery from moderate to extreme resistance training--Whey Proteins, Beef Isolate Proteins, Soy Proteins, Various Amino Acids as BCAA's or L-Glutamine nor Creatine Monohydrate--has any casual relationship to the occurrence of cancer of any type. Horphag Research launches RobuvitĀ®, a French oak extract that is a caffeine-free natural energizer and supports sports performance. Along with the trend of diet food, CLA TG has been widely used as material in softgel, beverage, yoghourt and other food supplements. Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it?
However, a recent study published in the British Journal of Cancer claims that taking muscle-building supplements results in an increased risk of testicular cancer.The results of the study included pills and powders containing creatine or androstenedione, and stated that men who started taking supplements before the age of 25 had a higher risk of developing cancer.

Since the legal sale of Steroids was banned in the early 1990's grey market manufacturers of same or of their prohomone subsets have often reverted to securing inputs from dubious supply chains. Be certain men--lifting and taking a protein drink--will not ruin your testicular health--take hope!! While much more research needs to be done on testicular cancer, the relationship between supplement use and cancer was strong, according to the study. All subjects completed a questionnaire on possible risk factors, including exercise, smoking, drinking, family cancer history and use of muscle-building supplements. Nearly 900 men from Massachusetts and Connecticut participated in the study.Accounting for race, age, and other demographics, researchers still found that men had a 65-percent greater risk of developing cancer when they were supplement users.
The percentage increased for those who started taking supplements before the age of 25, and for those who took multiple supplements.

What is not disclosed or discussed in this study is whether or not these same men used injectable oil based steroids in conjunction with some form or constituent part of HGH or both co-instantaneously which might further fuel malignancies beyond previously observed levels (wide spread HGH use among bodybuilders has principally been a post 1992 phenomenon). Interestingly, this increase in observed testicular cancer increases comes at a time when steroid use is prohibited by Federal law. If you used multiple types, you had a higher risk,” said Tongzhang Zheng, who led the study at Yale University.

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