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Basically, a muscle stick is a lightweight, small, practical, easy to use self-massage tool. To do a basic warm-up, you would do approximately 20 rolling passes, progressively getting deeper as you go over each of the desired muscle groups. The one advantage that this device has over a foam roller is that you use it with your hands instead of using your body weight. The first time that you use the stick you may be surprised at how easy it is, and how warm your muscles start to feel.
Everyone, no matter what type of athlete you are, whether it is baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, a runner, etc.
February 9, 2016 by Sheryl Leave a Comment Are you in the market for a muscle roller massage stick? Performing well day after day has nothing to do with luck or circumstance - it can be and must be planned out in great detail!
The Muscletrac® Performance Therapy Device unites the benefits of both a muscle probe and roller, allowing for quick navigation of the entire muscle length to address myofascial restrictions and to accelerate muscle regeneration from training and competition.
The unique design of the Muscletrac wheels allows for superficial and deep penetration and stretching of the fascia and muscle tissue. Effective for addressing common issues such as IT Band Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Calf, Lower Back, Hamstring Tightness and other issues. The Muscletrac enhances pre-training warm-up and post-training recovery by creating a dramatic hyperemic response increasing blood flow, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle tissue while encouraging lactic acid removal.

Using the muscle stick can also help in treating strains, muscle pain, spasm, stress, cramping, tension, trigger points, help to increase muscle tone, and prevent fatigue. Simply rolling out the muscle helps to relieve pain, break down the trigger points, promote flexibility, increase your range of motion, and helps to accelerate the recovery process of the muscles. You also decide how much pressure you are going to use when you are rolling out your muscles. Well, you are in luck because I am currently reviewing the Live Infinitely Muscle Roller Stick. While this might be a good thing for those who want a deep tissue massage, this can hurt when used in some sensitive areas. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This two-part action improves tissue elasticity and pliability for optimal muscle performance and force generation.
Allows targeted self-myofascial release-users can hold a wheel and apply sustained pressure to release dense tissues. The design of the stick addresses trigger points in the muscles, and helps to roll them out. It has been used for plantar fasciitis, shin splints, to help with strength and endurance, and also to help increase flexibility.
As you begin to roll over your muscle, it is easy to identify trigger points and sore spots by how it feels.

As it rolls out the muscles, it provides myofascial release and also trigger point therapy. As you roll, you will start to become aware of any muscle issues that you might have because you feel the sore spots.
It is, therefore, important that you download the eBook instruction because it warns you of the areas where you can’t use this product.
Fitzmaurice, with over 30 years experience treating Olympic, Hall-of-Fame, Professional, College and Amateur athletes across sports.
The Muscletrac allows quick scanning of the entire body to identify and eliminate muscular and fascial restrictions such as muscle tightness, trigger points and adhesions-which improves tissue compliance, reduces the risk of injury and improves biomechanics.
It is a reactive-dynamic instrument, and it’s mechanical features are designed to stretch and compress muscles. The Muscletrac is used and preferred by top physicians, therapists, trainers and coaches for promoting muscle regeneration and treating myofascial restrictions.

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