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The store has now unveiled exactly what that something is, announcing that from here on out it will be stocking the MusclePharm Black Label line. The five supplement series was previously only available online in the US through GNC, all at fairly expensive prices. You have the original Assault, Fitmiss Ignite, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump, Hardcore Series Wreckage, and the supplement we've got for review today, the Black Label Series Assault Black.
Of all the pre-workouts Assault Black is definitely the one we've been most interested in trying, however being the most expensive one from MusclePharm it wasn't at the top of our list.
When the five supplements were all eventually unveiled, Assault, OxySport, Combat, Amino1 and Creatine Black, the exclusivity was still intact.
Then when the MusclePharm Black Label products went on sale, they did so at GNC further confirming that exclusivity. We say semi as GNC's website did already have most of the line available a week or so before their deadline.

The protein powder Combat Black, pre-workout Assault Black, caffeinated cocktail Amino1 Black and the complex Creatine Black, were all on sale around April 22nd. The only Black Label Series supplement not uploaded was MusclePharm OxySport Black, which strangely enough has yet to be added.
Despite the other four products showing up more than 7 days early, some more than that, the fat burner of the bunch has yet to appear.
While we did post its information at the beginning of last month it seems we'll be waiting a little longer to actually be able to purchase MusclePharm OxySport Black.
In the meantime feel free to check out what's available from the Black Label Series at GNC and if interested purchase one of the four.
At the event we also got a bit more information about the GNC exclusive supplements confirming Assault Black, Creatine Black, Combat Black, Amino1 Black and the entirely new OxySport Black.
Since the Arnold, basically everything about the products has been released here on Stack3d from sizes and flavors to each and every ingredient in all of the supplements.

While that first sign of the MusclePharm Black Label collection was from the brand themselves, we haven't seen anything else from them directly. The image promotes the hunt for much more "elite results" and that the MusclePharm Black Label Series is coming soon. Assuming nothings changed except for the fact that Combat Black is already on sale at GNC, the rest of the MusclePharm Black Label line should be available within the next two weeks on May 1st, the deadline the brand set at the Arnold.

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