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Take a look at some of the latest and strangest fitness devices sweeping across the UK from virtual reality muscle machines to inflatable paddle boards and portable water filters. Latest Street View Update Adds Blur Tool To Photospheres And Reveals Plans To Add Features For Professional Photographers [APK Download + Teardown] For many of us, the Street View name is linked to a convenient way to look around at places we haven't been, whether it's just an address we're about to drive to or one of the world's greatest mount.. China raps more ministries after latest graft inspections China's main graft-busting body has criticised more government departments following its latest round of inspections, singling out problems ranging from nepotism to spending public funds on entertainm..

KL shares open lower but turn higher soon after KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia opened lower this morning, but turned higher soon after, as traders showed some mild buying support, dealers said.
Most people don't sleep any worse when taking medicines with sleep disturbance warnings Medicines that carry warnings about sleep disturbances do not seem to contribute to the amount of sleep disturbances in the general population, according to new 'real world' research.

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